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Your Cat’s Petting Preferences – Petcha

man and catDo you already know what your cat’s petting preferences are? Susan Soennichsen and Arnold S. Chamove of the Psychology Department at Massey University in New Zealand determined to search out out the place cats wish to be pet most. They performed a analysis research on the responses of cats to petting by people, and the outcomes have been revealed within the educational journal Anthrozoos.

Soennichsen and Chamove studied 9 totally different cats. Each cat was petted for 60 minutes on 4 totally different places on its physique:

1. Between the ear and eye (the temporal gland situated on the higher cheek).

2. The chin and lip space (the perioral gland).

three. The decrease again on the base of the tail (the caudal gland).

four. On considered one of three non-gland areas, both the pinnacle, the again or the chest.

The researchers’ outcomes confirmed that cats strongly most popular being petted between their ears and eyes on their higher cheek essentially the most (the temporal area), and the caudal area on their decrease again close to their tail the least. The perioral gland space on the chin and lips and the non-gland areas of the pinnacle, again and chest have been most popular second.

The researchers theorize that cats wish to be petted on their higher cheek or temple essentially the most as a result of they can mark us with their scent glands once we pet them there and that is their manner of socially bonding with us. Cats rub in opposition to different acquainted cats and objects with their cheek and temple for a similar motive. If you need to please your cat essentially the most pet it on its higher cheek and temple between its ear and eye. They will suppose you’re the cat’s meow!

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