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Woman Succeeds In Getting Sugar Glider Ownership Legalized In Massachusetts

By Rebecca Stout

The verdict is in, and it’s a fantastic one for small animal lovers. As of January three, 2014, it’s now authorized to personal sugar gliders (amongst many different uncommon pets) within the state of Massachusetts. Getting sugar gliders legalized was an extended, arduous three-year-battle for Michelle Cutler of Massachusetts. But by means of her dedication and tenacity it was completed.

Despite being integral in bringing concerning the modifications, Cutler is fast to level out that she was not alone within the endeavor. It took the collaboration of many individuals, together with sugar glider lovers, political representatives and the herpetological group at massive, to get the invoice handed that allowed the amendments to 321 CMR 9.01. The modifications additionally allow folks to personal numerous unique species, equivalent to the next reptiles: the inexperienced tree python (Chondropython spp.), the emerald tree boa (Corallus caninus), all the jungle runners (Ameiva spp.), true chameleons, frilled lizards (Chlamydosaurus spp.), spiny-tailed lizards (Uromastyx spp.), and one small species of monitor, the spiny-tailed or ridge-tailed Monitor (Varanus acanthurus).

The quest to legalize sugar gliders all started for Cutler with a Google search of monkeys. One of the search outcomes included a photograph of a sugar glider though it’s a marsupial and never a monkey. She was fascinated by the lovable creature, and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, she discovered that Massachusetts was amongst a number of states the place gliders had been unlawful as pets. Other areas the place they’re unlawful as pets embrace Pennsylvania, California, Hawaii, Alaska and the boroughs of New York City, together with just a few different townships in New York. She questioned why and was dumbfounded to seek out out that they’re thought-about an unique pet and that they had been by no means authorized in Massachusetts to start with. They had been merely by no means added to the listing of pets that residents are allowed to personal.

“It never made any sense that they weren’t legal when other potentially dangerous animals are legal,” Cutler mentioned. She added that a few of these can go feral, however sugar gliders can’t. In addition, the small marsupials don’t harbor a variety of ailments which can be transmittable to people.

Louise Ferrari of NH Sugar Gliders is a USDA-licensed breeder who additionally takes in and rehabilitates rescues. One of the explanations she started breeding was to contribute wholesome and well-socialized animals to the group by introducing lineage (pedigree) into the pet inhabitants. She explains that the flexibility to know their genetics is necessary to protect and keep their well being and well-being. Legalizing sugar gliders in Massachusetts could encourage different accountable breeders.

Ferrari additionally mentioned that beforehand, gliders that had been being stored illegally in Massachusetts might solely be seen by a veterinarian outdoors the state, which meant applicable veterinary care was generally missed. “Now they are legal, they can be treated appropriately,” she mentioned. “I do not sell sugar gliders to people in illegal states, because I do not feel it fair to the gliders or owners. If you are caught keeping sugar gliders in an illegal state they can and are confiscated and many times can be euthanized.”

In order to get legalization, Cutler tried two completely different routes. One was going on to the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MDFW) to vary the rules in 321 CMR 9.01, and the opposite was attempting to vary it legislatively. She reached out to a number of representatives, together with Rep. Thomas Golden’s workplace in Lowell, Massachusetts. He wrote and tried to move H.3271 to legalize sugar gliders greater than two years in the past. After that Rep. Anne Gobi, who’s on the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, filed H.4442 which was a examine order. That by no means appeared to go anyplace. The proposed regulation modifications to the CMR with the MDFW sat on the governor’s desk seemingly forgotten.

Passing laws is an extended course of in invoice must go from individual to individual. There are many steps concerned earlier than it’s signed off by the governor. Despite relentless calls from Cutler to push it alongside, years handed. “Evidently it was too small of an issue for them to put as a priority, and it got pushed aside. They can’t simply change just one thing, such as legalizing sugar gliders. They have to wait for all proposals in a regulation to be approved.”

Progress started when she contacted Rep. Kate Hogan who filed H.725 at Cutler’s request. Meanwhile the New England Herpetological Society fought arduous to push the invoice by means of as a result of they’ve lengthy wished most of the reptiles legalized that at the moment are included on the brand new 321 CMR 9.01 exemption listing. Slowly Cutler pushed ahead together with her marketing campaign by writing petitions, gathering signatures, reaching out to the plenty, attending numerous proceedings and hearings, and attempting to coach others about sugar gliders and their unlawful standing.

On June three, 2013, a listening to befell on the David Prouty High School in Spencer, Massachusetts.

“The meeting was sponsored by the legislature’s Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, co-chaired by state representative Anne Gobi,” Cutler mentioned. “I brought two of my son’s girlfriends, and we had only three minutes to speak about why sugar gliders should be legalized.”

Armed with a map differentiating authorized and unlawful glider possession states, she demonstrated the impracticality of the small state of Massachusetts being surrounded by authorized glider possession states. Most of the opposite unlawful areas had been far west of them. She submitted hefty petitions. In addition she advised the committee that she had by no means heard of anybody having a problem or downside on document involving individuals who wished or had sugar gliders. She additionally identified that the modifications would get monetary savings and maybe even improve income for Massachusetts. She even took a stuffed flying squirrel and glider to present a measurement comparability.

“I assured them that there are no known dangerous, communicable diseases and that they do not pose any threat to the people or our environment, and can’t repopulate in the wild, as they could never survive New England’s weather. They don’t even technically fall into exotic pets according to USDA guidelines.”

Despite the occasion being publicized, the difficulty once more turned stagnant.

Another key listening to was held on September 23, 2013, in Dalton, Massachusetts, on the MDFW. However attributable to being overwhelmed by so many folks, the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife mentioned they may write in as a substitute coming to the listening to. A number of reptile folks and others nonetheless got here. Cutler by no means let up, “I took steps to make sure everyone wrote in about the sugar gliders.” The listening to went effectively and there was no opposition relating to gliders. The MDFW panel ultimately voted in favor of the modifications.

Cutler was advised that Massachusetts residents ought to have the ability to personal them someday in November of 2014. But she felt it was being ignored as a result of it wasn’t introduced. Cutler remembers poignantly, “People started to even doubt me, and the glider and animal people questioned my credibility and if it even really happened.”

So she contacted the Boston headquarters of the MDFW all through November 2013 by means of January 2014 however was advised that just a few extra technical steps wanted to be taken earlier than it may very well be enacted. Finally within the second week of January 2014, she received the official phrase from MDFW Thomas French that they had been legalized as of January three, 2014, and that date can be honored. But as a result of she couldn’t discover an announcement on the web site or anyplace else, she requested for the legalization date to be put in writing for her. It was lastly introduced on the web site in February.

These animals are distinctive and lots of say they’re like no different due to the deep bond they kind with their homeowners.

“They bring me a joy that is indescribable and almost like that of a parent with a child,” Ferrari mentioned. “I spend many hours each day in our glider room. They are always happy to see you; they are playful and have more toddler toys than most children! Every single one of them has a unique personality, some are shy, some are outgoing, some cuddly, some more adventurous. When you build that trust with them, it is truly a rewarding experience.”

It have to be famous that these pets aren’t for everybody as they’re nocturnal, require very particular care, have a posh food plan and require a specialised veterinarian. They require a variety of cleansing to maintain them from being pungent and since they’re messy. Sugar gliders can’t be potty educated and mark so much … on you.

But for Cutler, they’re the proper pet. She has had ADHD all her life and was recognized with fibromyalgia three or extra years in the past. Because of this, she suffers from reasonable to extreme ache all through her physique, sleep issues and despair. “My gliders are very therapeutic for me and they bring me such joy and happiness,” she mentioned. “Sometimes when I’m having a bad day and many nights when I cannot sleep, I go out into the glider room because they’re nocturnal so they’re all up playing. I find myself smiling, sometimes just standing or sitting there watching them, taking them out to play with them, or clipping nails and getting pooped on. I don’t know what I would do without them.”

Today, Cutler will be seen out together with her gliders hooked up to her and in pouches when she travels about and retailer hops. She loves being stopped by folks and requested about her infants and takes benefit of that by educating as many individuals as she will about them. She can now say that residents can rejoice in the truth that they’re now capable of get pleasure from these lovely creatures … legally.

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