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Why Is This Guinea Pig Sick?

Q: Our new guinea pig was completely advantageous once we received her. She ran round her cage and every part like the opposite two that we have now. One day, she began to roll and tilt her head. We took her to the vet instantly, and she or he was identified with a potential center ear an infection. She had discharge coming from her ear. We got ear drops, pet tinic and antibiotics to present to her two occasions each day.

About every week or so later, our guinea pig started to cough, sneeze and drop some pounds (regardless of my guinea pig having a wholesome urge for food). We took her again to the vet and he did X-rays. He was unable to get a blood pattern from my guinea pig, however he did tradition her poop for parasites. No parasites have been discovered, however my guinea pig’s lungs confirmed the beginnings of an Upper Respiratory Infection. We received extra drugs, one other antibiotic (baytril), cough drugs, and an allergy treatment simply in case she was having allergic reactions.

After every week, we took my guinea pig again to the vet. She nonetheless wasn’t gaining weight, and her proper eye had begun to cloud over and appeared to presumably have blood behind the iris. The vet examined her eyes and mentioned she is now shedding her imaginative and prescient. He mentioned that on account of my guinea pig’s low physique weight, he wouldn’t be capable of get a superb blood pattern to seek out out something extra about what’s going on along with her.

Currently my pig eats advantageous and walks somewhat gradual, typically in circles. She doesn’t have the top tilt. She drinks loads of water and makes regular guinea pig noises. The vet suspected an auto-immune illness. We additionally researched on-line and seen she may very well be having seizures. At occasions my guinea pig tilts her head straight again, which is often adopted by a squeal.

This vet feels that he can’t do something extra for my guinea pig with out placing her by means of extra traumatic and costly testing. She doesn’t seem to be she is struggling in any respect, however we wish to know what’s improper along with her. Our different two guinea pigs are completely advantageous. They all stay collectively.

A: These are all very uncommon indicators for a guinea pig. It sounds as if she did have a center or interior ear an infection. There is a connection through nerves from the center ear on to the mind. It may very well be that an an infection traveled from the center ear straight to the mind, leading to among the different indicators you will have seen. It may be that your physician is right — that the one factor at this level that may assist with a prognosis are blood checks and radiographs. Although hardly ever carried out on guinea pigs, an MRI might assist result in a solution.

Before you undergo any of those checks, get a second opinion. Bring your whole beforehand used drugs with you for the examination. Have the names and dosage of the medication that you just gave your guinea pig with you for the examination so the veterinarian can decide in case your guinea pig may be exhibiting a response to them.

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