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Why I’m a Good Dog Trainer and Made It to 39 Years of Marriage

positive-training-successful-marriageJanuary eight, 1978 is my marriage ceremony anniversary. My husband and I’ve now been married for 39 years. Woooo! Here we’re that winter of 1978 with our two canines, Oreo and Obi!

You could ask, “Why is that fact in a dog training blog?” Good query. Even higher reply coming.

Intermittent Rewards which are valued by the husband. Not what I believe or hope they are going to worth, however, what truly causes the specified behaviors to be repeated. The conduct with the strongest fee of reinforcement is the one which might be efficiently responded to, and even supplied with out being requested.

My husband makes the mattress…with out being requested. That’s as a result of he’s rewarded (by me) on an intermittent schedule. He by no means is aware of which period I’m going to reward him and I’m not going to inform you what I reward him with (TMI), however, let’s simply say, it really works.

What additionally works is that we inform one another we love one another, typically. Not a number of occasions a day, however, many occasions a week. Why after 39 years do we’ve got to declare our love for one another? After all, we mentioned it to one another firstly of our marriage. Because that’s one of the methods we preserve our relationship. We don’t take one another without any consideration.

Dog homeowners lose their love for his or her canines. They take the canine’s good behaviors without any consideration. They assume, “Why should I have to reward the dog for behaviors he already knows?” Because that’s one of the methods you preserve the great behaviors. Duh! What appears easy to me shouldn’t be easy to everybody.

I can hear the whining now. “So, you’re telling me I have to walk around with treats in my pockets for the rest of the dog’s life?”

No. But, you do have to do that:

  • Prioritize which behaviors are crucial and reward these typically. Use meals, use video games, use actually honest play and reward, however, it has to be one thing the canine can’t stay with out! For me, it’s a fluent response to “Come”.
  • Every time you need to give your canine a deal with, a scrap of final evening’s hen, determine a manner to make it a coaching sport. Don’t simply give it to the canine as a result of they’re sitting subsequent to the kitchen counter gazing you.
  • Each month train your canine a new trick. It doesn’t have to be excessive, easy is okay, too. And while you prepare, reward the canine with meals treats. This reinforces that the canine can win priceless rewards for “getting it right”.

Laura Brody lives in Colorado together with her household and four canines. She is a licensed member of Victoria Stilwell’s Positively coaching crew and an skilled canine coach and conduct specialist utilizing solely constructive strategies.


Laura Brody is the proprietor of Denver’s Good Family Dog, Kind, Purposeful, Force-Free Dog Training and Behavior.


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