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Why Does My Cat Have Blood in Her Stool?

Q: My 14-year-old feminine shorthaired home cat lives strictly indoors. When she defecates, there’s a little bit of blood on the finish, a drop of blood afterwards. Her urge for food is nice and she or he appears to be her regular self. Earlier this summer time, I introduced a pattern of her stool to the vet to have it analyzed and it got here again regular. Why is she nonetheless having the little bit of blood on the finish of defecation?

A: When cats bleed from their abdomen or small gut, the blood will get digested. This turns the stool a darkish, tar-like colour. When cats bleed from their colon (giant gut), it’s past the purpose the place digestion happens, so the blood comes out wanting purple, like blood. Because you’re seeing purple blood, I imagine it’s coming out of your cat’s colon. Your cat may need colitis.  

Feline colitis has a number of causes, akin to intestinal parasites, an infection with giardia (a protozoan parasite), inflammatory bowel illness and stress colitis, to call just a few. A 14-year-old indoor cat is unlikely to have intestinal parasites. The unfavourable fecal check confirms that. I might be sure that, nonetheless, that the fecal check additionally included evaluation for giardia, as this protozoan can generally flare up and trigger intermittent colitis and blood in the stool.

Try switching your cat’s food plan to a high-fiber meals. Your cat’s veterinarian can advocate a prescription food plan designed for feline colitis. You might also wish to attempt a brief course of a colitis medicine akin to metronidazole and see in case your cat responds.

My principal concern is that your cat is 14 years outdated. Senior cats are at elevated threat for most cancers. Colorectal most cancers is rare in cats, nonetheless, a tumor or progress in the colon or rectum needs to be on the listing of potentialities. If your cat doesn’t reply to symptomatic remedy — food plan change and medicine — chances are you’ll have to have additional diagnostics carried out, akin to a rectal examination, or colonoscopy, to find out the origin of the blood.

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