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Why Cesar Millan Should Never Talk About or Train Service Dogs


Cesar Millan, service dog training

The video clip beneath has been making me furious for many years!

I do know, it’s dangerous for my well being to get offended, however I can’t assist it. I’ve spent too many many years coaching Service Dogs.

I believe this was one of many first of his TV exhibits I had ever seen.

Let me summarize it for you.

He is working with an aggressive canine that the proprietor is afraid will actually “attack” him and, on the finish of the video, he recommends that it turn out to be a Service Dog for her…

As I’ve not too long ago written, not all canines needs to be or may be service canines, and canines with aggression points are on the prime of that listing!

He then tells us: a canine can’t multitask; he can’t be aggressive if he walks and wears a weighted pack.

Mr. Millan, I would love you to present this a go together with your native Police Dog.

Put a weighted pack on him and see if he can nonetheless chew YOU.

I do know many canines that may stroll, sporting a weighted pack, and nonetheless chase a squirrel.

What a easy world we might dwell in if this was the answer to every thing.

Encouraging one particular person to coach their aggressive canine to be a Service Dog is a tragedy; encouraging a complete TV viewing viewers may very well be a disaster, and a legal responsibility.

If solely he may very well be prosecuted for the accidents he has impressed.

Click right here if you wish to watch it in its entirety.

At solely 16 seconds in we hear that “Shep” is a fearsome canine, of whom his proprietor is afraid.

Cesar Millan, service dog training

We witness him pull, bark, and growl as he must be bribed by her son.

They state they “worry about his hostile tendencies”.

Cesar Millan, service dog training

When a stranger would come, they are saying, “He would snap”.

I notice this makes for dramatic storytelling and setting us up for the “big finish” however this story is about to get extra harmful.

“He will bite you really hard”, the son says.

Cesar Millan, service dog training

In comes our supposed Savior….

Cesar Millan, service dog training

Here they talk about how he lunges “out of nowhere”. She solely needs to stroll him with out him attacking individuals, as a result of, as she states, she will be able to’t management him. If he needs to he would pull her, and her wheelchair, towards the particular person/distraction.

Cesar Millan, service dog training

Here, I Agree!! There is hope!

The canine wants extra stimulation, each psychological stimulation within the type of canine obedience and managed bodily train.

Wait, however a WALK is NOT one of the simplest ways in any respect!

The finest approach is thru educating him new instructions and having him retrieve toys within the again yard after which run by a sure variety of obedience instructions earlier than the toy is thrown once more.

This can be SAFE train within the privateness of his own residence, away from the concern of biting, and it might higher use his physique and his thoughts (that is KEY).

Cesar Millan, service dog training

But right here is the place this takes a critical, harmful, and preposterous flip. I imply we will differ slightly on what it takes to stimulate a canine: i.e., strolling vs. retrieve and obedience routine.

But we’re instructed that “Cesar needs to confront Shep to show him there is a new sheriff in town” ohhhhh, why? Why, God, why does he have to go into the canine’s personal yard and confront him?

He says he’s going to manage reactions, however there’s actually no strategy to management the reactions of one other dwelling being. They even name the canine an assault canine, and, acknowledge how “dangerous this will be on his own turf”.

Cesar Millan, service dog training

He enters the yard with a robust presence and the canine retreats. He wins, proper? The canine is giving up, he can stop! NOPE.

Cesar Millan, service dog training

The canine practically climbs the wall, he appears terrified. But does Millan let down or even soften up a bit. NOPE.

Cesar Millan, service dog training

My coronary heart breaks on this scene. He grabs a trash can to intimidate the canine and maintain it from biting him, whereas the canine who has relented is compelled to flee as shortly as attainable.

How precisely is that this constructing belief?

What disabled particular person are you aware that would do that very HANDS ON, nasty, detrimental strategy with their canine?

Cesar Millan, service dog training

Here is the place issues get tremendous harmful. Kids: NEVER nook a canine!

The cause he comes out unscathed is as a result of the canine really does relent and he’s afraid to chew him, as a result of he doesn’t know him and Cesar has a really dominant and assured posture.

If the canine’s boy, or a buddy, would have tried this, somebody would have gone to the hospital and the canine would doubtless be euthanized.

But past that… WHY, simply WHY, are we doing this to this canine?

Reinforcing to the canine that persons are harmful, scary, and might’t be trusted…..as a result of…..we need to later prepare that canine to be a Service Dog? Hmm……

Why wouldn’t the proprietor simply leash the canine and convey it out to be labored?

I imply, I assume this makes for dramatic TV scores, however the injury it’s doing to the canine is obscene and there’s completely no want for it (apart from scores).

Cesar Millan, service dog training

He yells “HEY!  RELAX!” and hisses (Hey, Cesar, canines don’t communicate English and your yelling isn’t serving to).

Then he thwaps the canine with the leash, repeatedly; as a result of he’s afraid he’s about to be bitten.

Again, who else is that this silly?

The canine, right here most likely urinating and defecating himself as a result of he’s terrified and has nowhere to go…. he can combat, or he can submit. Tell me once more how that is useful to his disabled proprietor? Tell me how that is useful to the canine?

His proprietor is proud, however she needs to be appalled.

Actually, she ought to have by no means let it occur within the first place, as a result of if anybody else, not as dominant, comes into her yard the canine is prone to decide FIGHT far more shortly due to this horrible expertise.

At 7:15 into the video the proprietor begins speaking about how this canine can now be a Service Dog… What the WHAT?

Not THIS canine? … Surely NO…  Can he act like one? Maybe, EVENTUALLY, with A LOT of coaching…. and a muzzle.

“Cesar believes that Service Dogs can better assist their disabled owners when they are given a job”

YES! Yes, actual, temperament examined, educated, examined SERVICE DOGS.

Despite the truth that he’s recommending THIS canine, sure the one pictured above in pink, the one which his house owners are terrified of, the one who bites, is usually a Service Dog; he’s too scared to even actually deal with the canine, nonetheless.

See how his head is faaaaar to the canine’s left, approach away from his face? He stands virtually upright and he has a strangle maintain on that leash that he’s pulling ahead to maintain the canine from swinging his head!

If this canine may very well be a Service Dog, why then can’t he simply bend over, put his face within the canine’s face, and get that harness on?

I by no means in my life have anxious that any of the actual Service Dogs that I’ve educated will take my face off.

Because canines which can be aggressive simply don’t final as actual Service Dogs.

Cesar Millan, service dog training

Here he famously and confidently says that canines can’t multitask…

To some extent that’s true, nevertheless it doesn’t negate aggression.

And, for some canines, it doesn’t negate prey drive.

Can your canine stroll and pull towards the neighbor child?

Do you suppose you possibly can put a weight vest in your canine aggressive canine and remedy his aggression?


It is ridiculousness.

Actually, I’m disgusted by his HANDS ON, corrective, nasty coaching methods and gruff ways in which traumatize canines and the people they are going to are available in contact with later in life.

I’m simply saddened that this type of horrible hype has precipitated his profession to flourish regardless of the injury he’s doing every day considered one of these horrible packages is broadcast.

Do some fingers off and motivational coaching, like his/her disabled associate has to do.

You can’t problem a great correction or chase a canine in a wheel chair; so why would you desire a “trainer” to do this to your canine?

Real, Professional, Service Dog Training taught me to coach HANDS OFF and to make use of my thoughts to get my canine to do what I would like!

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