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Where To Place A Guinea Pig Cage Requires Deep Thought

By Teresa Murphy

The excellent guinea pig cage location consists of the next six components.

1. Draft-Free

This is the No. 1 criterion. Guinea pigs are vulnerable to higher respiratory infections, and drafty places usually are not wholesome.

2. A Bright Room

Choose a brilliant location with oblique daylight. You could expose the cage solely to occasional direct daylight, equivalent to morning mild. Avoid placing guinea pigs subsequent to brilliant home windows and glass doorways. Do not put cages in closets or different small, enclosed areas.

three. Stable Temperature

The room ought to have a steady temperature vary of 65 to 75 levels Fahrenheit. At 85 levels or larger, your guinea pig is more likely to die from warmth stroke. A typical storage is greater than 85 levels throughout summer time. If it’s too sizzling or chilly for you, it’s too sizzling or chilly for a guinea pig.

four. Low Humidity

Don’t home a guinea pig in a room with excessive humidity or fluctuations in humidity. Humidity is simply as unhealthy in your guinea pig as drafts. Avoid areas near showers and laundry rooms. Basements with acceptable, steady humidity and oblique mild could be thought-about.

5. Near Family Activity

It is critically vital to the long-term well being and happiness of your guinea pig that you just place its cage central to household exercise or on the speedy periphery. Do not put cages in youngsters’s bedrooms. The guinea pig ought to be a part of household life, even whether it is designated as one particular person’s pet.

The finest location is an space close to the kitchen or eating room, with frequent household visitors and visits. When close to the supply of meals, the guinea pigs will assist remind you when they need meals and a spotlight. You will monitor habits extra simply, clear the cage extra usually and work together along with your guinea pig extra incessantly if the pet is close by. Living rooms and household rooms may also make good places.

6. Not On The Floor

Don’t put cages on the ground for the next causes:

  • Socialization of the piggies: You are a strolling large to them when they’re on the ground. You are scarier, and it’s more durable for them to be comfy with you.
  • Activity: Footsteps, leaping, working, transferring issues round, cleansing and vacuuming all create extra stress for the cavies when they’re on the ground. Vibrations are extra simply felt.
  • Children: Supervise youngsters after they play with and deal with guinea pigs. If guinea pigs are on the ground, it’s too simple for youngsters to get to them and too simple for toy and play accidents to occur.
  • Drafts: Drafts are extra noticeable on the ground and may trigger higher respiratory infections.
  • Ease of petting: It just isn’t as simple to stroll by, attain in and pet your cavies when they’re on the ground.
  • Ease of feeding, cleansing, altering water bottles: If these duties usually are not extraordinarily simple to do, typically they are often neglected.

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