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What Can Kill Cats and How to Prevent Cat Diseases and Accidents

Cats are infamous for hiding indicators of sickness, which makes it tough to deal with them. They’re additionally artful and their adventurous spirits can land them in some doubtlessly harmful eventualities. Knowing what can kill cats, from cat ailments to potential accidents, is step one to making certain that they’re protected.

A fat cat upside down and showing his belly off.

Fat cats could also be cute, however an unhealthy food plan can contribute to ailments that kill cats! Photography by krblokhin/Thinkstock.

Cat Disease: Cancer

As with people, not all cancers might be averted as a result of there’s a genetic side to a number of varieties. Some cancers, nonetheless, might be significantly diminished by spaying or neutering cats —ideally earlier than a feminine’s first warmth cycle. This lowers the danger of breast and mammary cancers.

Help your cat keep most cancers free by maintaining him away from poisonous chemical substances resembling garden fertilizers, family cleaners and cigarette smoke. Finally, placing your cat on a nutritious diet and making certain he’s getting the correct quantity of train retains him wholesome and his immune system in prime situation.

Cat Disease: Heart Conditions

Heart situations or defects are sometimes brought on by genetics. Heart illness typically doesn’t reveal itself till its later phases. However, coronary heart illness might be managed with correct veterinary care if detected early. Annual checkups by which veterinarians examine the center, lungs and blood assist with detection and therapy.

Other preventive measures embody a wholesome, balanced food plan and pest management. Although extra frequent in canine, pests also can trigger coronary heart worm in cats, which damages the center.

Cat Disease: Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney illness (CKD) implies that a cat’s kidneys are slowly and irreversibly failing. CKD is sort of frequent in home cats and there are a number of causes, together with infections, publicity to toxins, urinary tract obstruction, immune system issues, hypertension, kidney illness and genetic kidney malformations. Look for indicators resembling weight reduction, modifications in consuming or urination, physique weak point, diarrhea, urine leaking and despair.

Some cats are genetically predisposed to kidney failure, however you will assist stop CKD in all cats by ensuring they drink loads of water, keep a nutritious diet and weight and are saved protected from toxins resembling antifreeze and toxic crops like lilies.

Cat Disease: Diabetes

A correct food plan performs an important position in sustaining your cat’s well being. Cats want balanced meals that takes their wants into consideration, which incorporates the correct quantity of protein and carbohydrates. Cats are carnivores and require a sure degree of protein — if fed too many carbohydrates, their our bodies would possibly develop into insulin-resistant.

The quantity of meals a cat eats can also be an element, as weight problems contributes to type-2 diabetes. Maintain a balanced food plan by deciding on high-quality, well-researched meals with the right quantities of protein, carbohydrates and energy and then observe the feeding directions.

Cat Disease: Feline Leukemia

Feline leukemia is a virus that’s unfold from cat to cat by way of bodily fluids, together with blood, saliva and — to some extent — urine and feces. (It doesn’t have an effect on individuals, canine or different animals.) Feline leukemia suppresses the immune system, leaving cats weak to an infection, illness, anemia and lymphoma. Feline leukemia is uncommon in cats that dwell inside, particularly as solely cats.

To assist stop the illness, have kittens and cats vaccinated for feline leukemia instantly and maintain them indoors. If you convey one other cat into your private home, quarantine the cat earlier than having him examined, examined and vaccinated earlier than progressively introducing him to different family cats.

Cat Disease: FIV or Feline AIDS

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is a retrovirus that suppresses cats’ immune methods and places them in danger for infections, ailments and even most cancers. It is in the identical class of viruses that causes human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in people.

The virus might be gradual shifting and go undetected for months and even years in some circumstances, making it tough to diagnose. Look for gastrointestinal misery, gum irritation, higher respiratory issues and recurring diseases. To assist stop cats from contracting this illness, maintain them inside and away from different cats that could be contaminated. FIV spreads by way of blood and saliva so cats that roam are at a better danger, particularly when it comes to cat fights. There is a controversial vaccination accessible and FIV-positive cats can dwell with FIV-negative cats safely, however converse to your vet to discover your greatest choices.

Accidents — Both Indoors and Out

Cats love journey however, because the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. Outdoors, cats are subjected to risks together with automobiles, abusive individuals, canine, different cats and wildlife. There are additionally potential hazards inside the house. Toxic crops or flowers, family cleansing merchandise and home equipment are just some of the issues that might trigger a doubtlessly deadly accident.

The most foolproof means to in the reduction of on accident dangers is to maintain your cat inside. With toys, cat-friendly furnishings and playtime with people, cats can lead wholesome, stimulating lives indoors.

But be sure that your private home is protected — maintain toxins, resembling crops or cleaners, out of attain or away from them altogether. Also, cats love heat locations to cozy up in, so by no means enable them to get into the behavior of sleeping in home equipment, resembling a dryer or dishwasher — and all the time examine home equipment earlier than closing the door.

“Unexpected and expensive accidents can occur in our pets’ lives at any moment,” says Dr. Carol McConnell, chief veterinary officer for Nationwide’s pet insurance coverage arm. “It is not uncommon for us to receive veterinary claims for cats who have jumped out of windows or get into a scuffle with local wildlife such as raccoons, opossums and coyotes.”

Regular Maintenance and Veterinary Care is Key to Keeping Your Cat Healthy and Ensuring a Longer Life

Keeping your cats protected, wholesome and away from potential hazards additionally consists of annual veterinary checkups. Knowing your cat’s common conduct and monitoring any modifications might save his life. “Specifically, pet owners should watch for their cats having changes in water intake (drinking more or less), appetite (eating more or less), lethargy, changes in behavior, vomiting, changes in litter box habits, meowing at night, eye or nose discharge and panting,” says Diana Cross, a veterinary technician who works with Trupanion, a pet insurance coverage firm. “If you notice any of these symptoms, you should bring your cat to your veterinarian.”

Rob Jackson, co-founder and CEO of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, agrees and provides that typically cats conceal when not feeling nicely as well as to hiding their signs. “Quite often they literally hide under the bed or in their safe space, a sign most pet parents recognize as ‘something’s not right.’”

Nothing will utterly maintain a cat protected from sickness, illness or catastrophe, however preventive measures assist. Forming relationship with a trusted veterinarian will additional assist your cat’s well being, security and longevity.

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