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WetNose Dog Training | Wet Nose Warm Heart Dog Training and Walking

WetNose Dog Training | Wet Nose Warm Heart Dog Training and Walking
WetNose Dog Training | Wet Nose Warm Heart Dog Training and Walking

We aim to boost the human-canine bonding via Benevolent dog training and leadership, and through public schooling.

You love your dog but his/her behaviour, or lack thereof, is Driving you crazy. You can not take your dog with you when you leave the house and you will need to put him/her in another room or crate when guests come over. You love your dog but his/her behaviour has caused you to feel isolated without any social life.Most important wetnose dog training are

We’re experienced dog trainers and canine behavior consultants Specializing in working with the family. We can help you train your puppy to be a well-adapted and well-mannered companion. We utilize all members of your household including children. Kids participating in training build confidence and learn responsibility. They are very excited to see that their dog react to their clues.

Wet Nose Dog Training Academy

Training programs include puppy basics, basic ways levels 1 & 2, and behavior modification for undesirable behaviors such as fear, anxiety, and aggression. We offer individualized training in your house or group classes. We also offer consultations on nutrition and ideas on adopting the right breed for your lifestyle and loved ones. We work with dogs of all breeds and ages. If you’ve trained with us, we are dedicated to supporting you and your dog for so long as you’ve got your dog; there is no extra charge for email or phone consultations.

I am Victoria and I’m excited about meeting with you and your furry friends! Even at a young age I’d think “provide them a week with me and they wouldn’t behave like that”.

As a child you could find me studying everything and anything dog related. All my neighbors with dogs understood me…I couldnt get enough of the pups! When I finally got a dog I taught him everything I could think of…at 10 years old I was winning local dog trick parades and had friends and family coming to me for assistance with their dogs.

WetNose Warm Heart Dog Training

Growing up I became the teen leader of my local 4H club’s dog Care project where I helped members get their dogs ready for obedience and showmanship competitions. I instructed my dog for commercial and TV work that was such a fun experience! For my high school senior project I had my dog certified as therapy dog and we visited physicians to ease the patients.

I went into San Diego State University and graduated with a B.S. in Biology. I focused my research on Animal Behavior, so not just can I help you train your dogs however I could explain WHY your dogs do what they do and how to change our behaviour to bridge the human/dog communication gap.

Allowed me to feel comfortable with even the most unruly and hard dogs. I became the go-to person for the “problem dogs” that came into the salon.
I spent 15+ hours weekly training all types of dogs, each with different leaning styles. I had been part of a year long apprenticeship application and have been licensed as a service dog trainer.
I now offer a variety of dog training alternatives including Team obedience training, in-home behavioral training, service dog training assistance, and more! Dog walks with an emphasis on good behaviour can be found also.

We are Professional Pet Dog Trainers using positive Reinforcement for Basic Training or Behavior Modification for problem behaviours. We supply in your home coaching services at your convenience. We have experience with all ages and breeds. One of our trainers is experienced with training deaf dogs

Wet Nose Dog Training

A thorough programme of socialization and habitutation Incorporating an important portion of the most essential

Period on your dogs life That being between the age of 4 to 16 weeks

This course is provided for those dogs and handlers that Have finished the initial puppy program and builds on the fundamentals already learned. This will lay a good foundation for future training.

Too frequently before we realise, it’s too late for our pup to be enrolled in puppy training. Ideally a new pup should come in our lives at age 7 weeks and coaching must have started with the pup just as near to ten weeks old as possible. Our lives are nevertheless so busy the weeks pass and rather than a pup, we’ve got an uphill teen. The dogs behavior may also change from adorable pup to jarring teen and then to violent adult. As you and your puppy won’t gain from only joining into an present class we make certain these lessons are properly structured. It’s better late than never, and also together with the committed effort of the group as well as the owner, so much could be gained.

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