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How to Wash Your Own Dog | Self-Serve Dog Wash

Wash Your Own Dog
Wash Your Own Dog

Our self-serve dog washes are exceptional stations in which you will find whatever you want to receive your pet clean and smelling great. We offer whatever you’ll need: shampoo, apron, towel, and even a specialist high-velocity drier. All washing stations are raised to make certain you could clean your pet in a comfortable height, and you will find easy-access measures so that your pet can walk straight to the bathtub. No freezing-cold water in the lawn hose. Best of our Pet Pros clean up the litter. Possible methods to wash your own dog’s are


If you observe people bathing dogs in films and TV shows, the majority of the time that it feels like a joyous, fun-filled time for all involved. Regrettably, bathing your puppy in real life is not always such a positive encounter.


Dogs do not mind being filthy and stinky — in actuality, they enjoy it a bit — and several are not reluctant to set up a fight if they believe it is going to help them escape bathroom time. And while viewing a favourite performer run following a dog covered in soap suds might appear hilarious, it is a whole lot less fun when you need to take action — along with your own puppy is revolting and revolting for as far away as possible from you.

Wash Your Own Dog Near Me

Mutts & Co. demands all pets entering our facilities to be current on vaccinations.

Eyes with flea sprays have to be treated before entering our facilities.

All dogs should be on a 6-foot or shorter leash or at carriers in all times and under the hands of an adult.

For the security of our customers, aggressive or disruptive dogs might be requested to leave, at management’s discretion. Speak to a supervisor to go over alternatives for using services which might be better suited to your pets specific needs.

To make sure we can accommodate our clients needs, we request that you restrict your bathtub use to 1/2 hour.

Dirty Hairy Dog Wash supplies a dog loving atmosphere for you and your puppy to generate bath time fun. From self-service to complete professional grooming, we do everything! You can depend on us to create your pet pristine, and maintain your house mess free. Trust us when we say it’s far simpler to do it here; each dog is cared for at a clean, caring, loving atmosphere. Make the chore of bathroom time something of yesteryear, and turn puppy washing to your pampering to your pet. All these tubs have been waist height using a measure for your own convenience and ease of washing.

Build Your Own Dog Wash Station

There is even a simple opening to your dog’s entrance and exit from the bathtub. Best of all it is possible to work on each side of the tub without turning your puppy about.


We’ve got hand held sprayers that permit you to control the water stream and therefore are temperature controlled so that your pet is always comfy. We have a choice of organic shampoos and conditioners which are tear-less, gentle and PH-balanced only for your own pet. In addition, we have specialty goods available to help reduce flaking and itching.


Do not worry, we’ve got good aprons for you so that you do not get wet! When you are all done, we’ve got super absorbent towels to dry your dog off. Then it is off to the drying channel. Here you will discover a professional forced air drier plus brushes and combs to ensure that your dog is fine and dry and smells and looks good before heading outdoors.

Wash Your Own Dog Long Island

Together with our U-Wash choice, you reserve a time to work with our bathtub, spayer, towels and skilled air-dryer. Bring your own shampoo along with your dog naturally! Leave having a dog that is clean, and then leave the mess for us.


We do all of the work and supply all of the goods — you’re welcome to deliver our hair shampoo if your dog has special requirements or you merely have a favorite. Reserve a time to drop your dog off, go run errands or enjoy a coffee, and return to get a tidy, new dog. If you would like the complete “spaw” therapy our other providers can be combined together with your We-Wash.


Daycare along with also a “spaw” therapy. We’ll provide your dog a great scrub down during the afternoon of daycare and we supply all of the goods. Other providers can be combined together with your maintenance n wash.

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