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Video Of Sleepy Dog Falling Over Is Super Relatable

The alarm sounds. Your eyes reluctantly squint open. You know morning has arrived and you need to rise up. Is there a extra disappointing feeling than this?

Dogs know this wrestle all too effectively. And when a video of a particularly sleepy chihuahua named Maguro was posted to Instagram by consumer ok.yoshihara, it shortly became a hilariously relatable meme.

It took over Twitter.

And additionally Facebook.

While Maguro falling down onto the automotive seat, as if the solar was far too brilliant for her liking, resonated with folks all around the web, it’s not the primary time she has seemed adorably over the entire “being awake” factor.

A day stuffed with enjoyable actions? Pass.

“I’m just gonna close my eyes for one second…”

“Is there a reason we’re not in bed right now, or… ?”

Maguro lives in Hiroshima, Japan, along with her sister, Tororo, and sure, they’re at all times this cute on Instagram.

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