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VIDEO: Listen To This Amazon Parrot Sing “Everything Is Awesome” From The Lego Movie

Did you’re keen on The Lego Movie? I did, and so did this Amazon parrot, who belts round a reasonably good rendition of “Everything is Awesome.”  

Amazon parrots are recognized for being a number of the greatest singers within the chicken world. According to  Diana Holloway, former president of The Amazona Society, within the article “The Top three Singing Pet Birds:”


“… Amazons enjoy showing off their talents and like to be the center of attention. ‘You usually see yellow-naped Amazons on TV singing. The audience always laughs, not just because of the talent, but also because of the bird itself. Amazons puff out their cheek feathers and sway, prance and head bob while showing off. They are true hams.’ Her Amazon, Lola, loves to sing Barry Manilow? ‘Cabana Song.’ ‘She gets into singing, ?er name was Lola, she was a showgirl at the Copa, Copa Cabana?at the top of her lungs, and then makes the song her own by interjecting all kinds of other phrases and operatic arias. It is hysterical.’ She added that double-yellow-headed Amazons are known for their operatic voices. ‘They can run the scales like no other parrot.’”


What about your parrot? Do they like to sing? What’s their favourite track? Let us know within the feedback.

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