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True Tiger Recordings: PIRATE SESSIONS 06/03/05

After coming back from pushing UKG in Ney York DJ Cameo returned for Pirate Sessions on 1Xtra. This present has a two hour four/four Special… Presented by DJ Cameo, together with particular visitors Misty Dubs, One Dark Martian, Duncan Powell, Delinquent, Domino, Charma, Richie Vee And Scandalous Unltd.

Make positive you lock in for interviews with the visitors in addition to a 20 minute visitor combine from 1Xtra’s Richie Vee. The present contains some very massive True Tiger exclusives together with … Duncan Powell’s Remix of Watford Weather, Out Tonight by Misty Dubs and Shyam and the model new One Dark Martian & Mary Turner observe, It Doesn’t Have To Be.

Cop these MP3’s now or miss out for good :-
Download Part 1

Delinquent – Merkury (DJ Cameo particular)
Crazy Titch and Keisha – Gully (Ed Case Remix) (Middle Row Recordings)
MJ Cole vs Wideboys – Nothing But Trouble (White)
Carmen – Sovereign (W Records)
Paul Johnson – She Got Me On (Todds Edwards Remix)

* DJ Domino within the combine *

Riplash and Sus – Roll Out (White)
DND – Fake Flossers (White)
Wideboys – Tip Toe Raver (White)
Nu Beez – This is How we do it (Final Cut)
R Kane and Domino ft Kele Le Roc – Jestler (W Records)
CJ Reign – Right Now (Final Cut)
Wideboys Ft Vula – Naughty by Nature (White)
W.E.C – Concentrate (True Tiger)
Carly Bond – Live The Dream (Spoilt Rotten)

* DJ Charma within the combine *

Duncan Powell – Something Wrong (Stereohype)
Usher – Caught Up (Delinquent Remix) (Arista)
ODM – Who Are You (True Tiger)
Justice League – Say To Myself (Solo)
J Sweet – Going Thru (CJ Reign Mix) (Sweetbeetz)
Wideboys – In Too Deep (Garage Jams)

Download Part 2

* Cameo chats to Charma, Domino, ODM, Misty Dubs, Stanza repping Scandalous Unlimited, Phil repping Delinquent, and Duncan Powell *

Misty Dubs ft Shyam – Out Tonight (True Tiger)
Ciara – 1,2 Step (Delinquent Remix) (Sony BMG)
Scandalous Unlimited – Watford Weather (Duncan Powell Remix) (True Tiger)
ODM ft Mary Turner – It Doesn’t Have to Be (True Tiger)
Duncan Powell – Right Now (05 Remix) (CDR)
Tuff Jam ft Pepper Mashey – So Excited (Groove School Dub) (2 Tuff four U)
Misty Dubs – Misty Dubs Special (TT Allstars Vol. three)
Scandalous Unlimited ft Carly Bond – Deeper (True Tiger)
Charlie Sezz – Lost (CDR)
MJ Cole v.s. Wideboys – Nothing But Trouble (Scott Tonic Remix) (Prolific)
Misty Dubs and Duncan Powell – Making Love (True Tiger)

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