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Top 7 Things Birds Find Scary

BIRD TALK Magazine logoPart of sharing our lives with pet birds and parrots is with the ability to acknowledge when one thing frightens them and ensuring that you simply take measures to make them really feel secure. Being prey animals, pet birds might be frightened by even probably the most seemingly inoffensive merchandise (rice truffles, socks and hats, oh my!). Here’s what chook homeowners say scare their birds probably the most.

1. Wild Birds

Wild birds have been the No. 1 factor chook homeowners reported as scaring their pet birds. Some birds have screaming matches on the sight of a chook of prey’s shadow flying overhead or in the event that they catch a glimpse of a crow passing by a window. A crow’s caw can even ship a pet chook fluttering off its perch in fright.

Wiscon resident Patricia Wieneke associated how Willow, her blue-fronted Amazon, started her alarm cry from inside the home when an eagle’s shadow was forged over her pet canine, which was outdoors enjoying. Willow lay low on high of her cage, fanned out her tail feathers and unfold her wings. Toodles, a blue-and-gold macaw, crouched down as if she have been about to launch ahead. “I think they were both afraid,” Wieneke stated. “But I think they also were being protective of the dog. They pick on him all the time. Why let anyone else have their fun?”

2. Loud Noises

Another record topper is loud noises. Construction happening throughout the road, slammed doorways and blaring emergency automobile sirens can usually catch our parrots off guard. Kris Richardson of New Jersey stated that fireplace engines are an enormous stressor for her flock. Richardson’s teal-and-black-faced lovebird and two cockatiels come screaming to the entrance of their cages once they hear sirens. “If they are by the window, they all start screaming and flying around the room,” Richardson stated.

three. Your Other Pets

Your canine would possibly simply be searching for scraps flung from the cage, however his sniffing round might be horrifying to a pet chook. Plenty of chook homeowners stated that their birds are afraid of different family pets. Sara Angus of Michigan stated that her green-cheeked conure, Sam, continues to be frightened by the three cats that he’s lived with most of his life. “Despite the fact that none of them have ever paid him any attention, he panics anytime one of them walks by,” Agnus stated. Sam makes his frightened scream, which seems like “Ack,” for a number of minutes and flings himself to the opposite aspect of his cage towards his consolation toy.

four. Bird Toys

Sometimes pet birds are frightened by the very issues meant to convey them pleasure — chook toys! Put your self in your chook’s sneakers — err, perch — and also you is perhaps a bit extra understanding. A chook’s cage is its sanctuary, and the sudden look of one thing new is usually met with a scrutinizing eye. Lorraine La Boyne of Florida stated that Pat, her yellow-naped Amazon, will assault a brand new chook toy first to see if it’ll damage him. After Pat is satisfied the chook toy is innocent, he’ll ultimately play with it.

5. Strange Or New People

People passing by the window and guests to the house elicit various responses from birds. La Boyne’s African gray parrot, Cody, talks when he’s frightened. He’ll say “It’s OK” and calls out “Mommy” to be reassured it’s alright. Joe Keating of New Jersey stated that his blue-and-gold macaw is frightened when those that he’s not accustomed to get too near him. “He tries to scare you off by lunging toward you,” Keating stated.

6. The Dark

Just like after we have been youngsters, some birds are afraid of the darkish. Megan Hughes of Florida stated that her whole flock is afraid of the darkish, and every chook has an evening gentle of their chook rooms. Hughes covers every cage simply sufficient in order that her birds can peek out and see the sunshine when she places them of their cages to sleep. Barbie Schlafer of Pennsylvania stated that her three cockatiels will begin to flap across the cage if they’re left at the hours of darkness with out a night time gentle. Schlafer stated that dark-colored covers additionally give her cockatiels night time frights, so she makes use of gentle yellows and impartial colours for her cage covers.

7. Balloons

Some birds are fearful of balloons and can vocally specific their displeasure. Kimberly Mastykarz of New York stated that her jenday conure, Calvin, turns into very upset if she brings balloons into the home. For every of the birthday events that she’s thrown in her dwelling, Mastykarz has needed to sneak the balloons in with out letting Calvin see them. “If he gets a glance at one of them from across the room, he goes into a squawking fit,” Mastykarz defined. “He puffs his chest out and stands up real straight, all the while screeching non-stop.” The final time Calvin noticed a balloon, Mastykarz needed to quickly cowl his cage, and it took him about 15 minutes to settle down.

More Scaredy-Birds

Bird homeowners informed us some random however particular issues that frightened their birds. Some birds have been afraid of strollers and wheelchairs, sun shades, water and meals objects. Kating’s feminine Congo African gray growls on the vacuum cleaner, and Hughes’ umbrella cockatoo, Kilo, is afraid of socks.

Of course, what scares us can even care our birds. Shlafer’s feminine umbrella cockatoo reacted to a scary film. “She was sitting on my lap watching and, all of a sudden — as heads were flying on the screen — she stretched way out with her crest up and wings out and started making this loud, “Woo Woo” noise as she moved her head up and down,” Schlafer stated. “She would not stop until we shut the movie off.”

Excerpt from BIRD TALK Magazine, July 2007 problem, with permission from its writer, Lumina Media

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