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Top 10 Pet Macaw Parrot Questions Answered

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1. What sort of macaw parrot do I’ve?

The 17 species of macaw parrots vary in dimension from 40-inch-tall hyacinth macaw to the 12-inch-tall red-shouldered macaw. Along with the hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacintinus), the bigger macaws embrace the:

Great inexperienced macaw, also called the Buffon? macaw (Ara ambiguous).

Smaller macaws make up the group generally known as mini-macaws, and embrace the:

There are additionally a bunch of macaws, generally known as the hybrid macaws. These macaws are offspring of two macaw species (e.g., the catalina macaw is the offspring of the scarlet macaw and blue-and-gold macaw.) There is numerous controversy surrounding hybrid macaws. Many aviculturists consider that with so many parrots which are endangered, preserving bloodlines and genetics is essential to the species’ survival. Breeding hybrid macaws can undermine the bloodline and genetics of a species.

Hybrid macaws are not any totally different from different macaws as pets. Hybrid macaws embrace:

  • Miligold macaw
  • Ruby macaw
  • Shamrock macaw
  • Bluffon’s macaw
  • Calico macaw
  • Catalina macaw
  • Camelot macaw
  • Harlequin macaw

2. What ought to my macaw parrot eat?

Larger parrots, equivalent to macaws, require extra protein of their food regimen. Pet macaws ought to have be fed chicken meals that incorporates great amount of meals wealthy in beta carotene, the precursor to Vitamin A. These meals embrace candy potatoes, carrots, peppers, kale and some other orange or darkish inexperienced leafy greens. In the wild, macaw parrots forage for seeds and nuts in timber. Their lively way of life within the wild accounts for the high-calorie meals want, so fewer nuts are wanted within the residence. You can nonetheless feed a number of nuts in-shell for a deal with or foraging exercise.

three. What sort of chicken cage ought to I get for my macaw parrot?

As with any pet chicken, purchase the most important chicken cage doable that you may accommodate and afford in your macaw. Macaw parrots, as the biggest parrot species, want super-sized chicken cages. Start with the minimal of two 1/2 toes extensive by four toes deep by 5 toes tall. Bigger pet chicken cages will permit for extra train and, consequently, a more healthy macaw. Big macaw parrot beaks imply robust materials is critical to stop pet chicken cage destruction or break-outs.

four. Is my macaw parrot male or feminine?

Only testing can say for sure whether or not your pet macaw parrot is a male or feminine. You can select DNA testing ?utilizing a number of feathers, the shell of the egg from which your chicken hatched, or a drop of blood ?or chances are you’ll go for surgical sexing. This can establish gender in addition to any sexual defects, however it’s a extra invasive course of than DNA sexing. Speak to your avian veterinarian earlier than shifting ahead with both process.

5. Do macaw parrots speak?

Yes, many macaw parrots mimic human speech. Some macaw parrots, just like the blue-and-gold macaw, are identified to study phrases extra simply than others. All macaws, nevertheless, will wish to vocalize by mimicking whistles and family noises or by talking phrases. Try easy coaching methods to get your pet macaw speaking. Start with the meals in your pet macaw? cage and educate it the distinction between banana, apple and orange or between seed and nut. When you greet your macaw parrot say “Hello?and say “Goodbye?once you go away. Connecting phrases to acquainted objects or actions will assist your macaw study sooner.

6. What? one of the best ways to coach my macaw parrot?

Macaw parrots are clever birds that may study behaviors and methods. Experts suggest watching your pet macaw parrot and noticing what motions and behaviors it reveals by itself. Work with these actions and incorporate them into methods by introducing cues and providing rewards. For instance, a macaw parrot that always lifts its foot can be an excellent candidate to study the wave or shaking palms, and one which likes to bob its head up and down may very well be inspired to “Nod Yes.?When you see your pet parrot do that, say, “Nod your head sure,?and hand it a deal with or supply a head scratch. Eventually, the straightforward cue “Nod Yes?can immediate the macaw to maneuver its head up and right down to get the reward. Mastering these easy methods can paved the way to extra complicated ones.

7. What ought to I get my pet macaw parrot to maintain it completely happy?

As bigger parrots, macaws get pleasure from utilizing their giant beaks to govern and shred. Wood toys assist these pet birds preserve their beaks in good condition. Climbing ropes and hammocks supply numerous enjoyable ?so do stainless-steel puzzle toys and foraging toys. For the pet chicken cage, get macaw-appropriate perches. Thick, sturdy woods are needed for any macaw perch to have an prolonged life. Big beaks and toes wish to chew and climb, so supply a number of perches ?together with one particularly for manipulating and shredding. Of course one of the best enrichment is numerous playtime with house owners.

eight. Can macaw parrots contract sure ailments?

Macaws can contract a number of frequent ailments specifically. Aspergillosis is a fungal an infection brought on by molds. It usually outcomes from poor hygiene within the cage or meals storage. Macaws contaminated with it will have labored respiratory and a few rasping. Psittacosis can also be prevalent. This comes from an an infection of Chlamydophila, and contaminated birds don? all the time show signs.

9. How can I inform if my pet macaw is sick?

Keep a watch in your pet macaw parrot to detect any variations in conduct or habits. If adjustments occur, with out trigger, intently watch your chicken and take it to your avian veterinarian. A sick macaw may additionally have poor feathering and slouching posture. Make positive your chicken? eyes and nares are clear and unswollen.

10. What behaviorial issues can macaw parrots have?

Many consultants say that macaw are extra even-tempered than different parrot species. Some attribute it to the macaw? dimension, saying they received? overreact to little issues the way in which smaller species will. Behavior issues can come up, nevertheless, if macaw parrots obtain inadequate consideration. Give macaws ample interplay and out-of-cage time to keep away from feather harmful conduct and extreme screaming. Offer wooden toys to chew so your macaw doesn’t chew inappropriate objects in your home (or at the very least deflect it from!). If your pet macaw parrot begins to exhibit undesirable aggression, attempt retraining it with impartial room methods.

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