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Three Smalltooth Sawfish Find a Home in Sydney Aquarium

Three smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata), a critically endangered species worldwide have discovered a house on the Sydney Aquarium in Australia. They are housed in the Great Barrier Reef exhibit, an exhibit that homes tropical reef sharks and different heat water species from the world’s largest reef system. The aquarium will maintain public feedings of the smalltooth sawfish throughout the Christmas holidays. The aquarium together with the Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund will work collectively to boost consciousness and educate aquarium patrons on the significance of this endangered species.

The smalltooth sawfish is a modified ray that has a physique like a shark and gill slits on their ventral aspect. They are referred to as sawfish resulting from their lengthy flat rostrums that appear to be a chainsaw blade, which they use to find and kill their prey, which is made up primarily of fish and crustaceans. A gradual gorwing fish, it’s thought that they attain sexual maturity at 10 years and dwell between 30 and 50 years. They can attain as much as 18ft in size.

The smalltooth sawfish is a sufferer of bycatch loss of life resulting from its ease in which it will get entangled in fishing nets, particularly gill nets. They are additionally hunted for his or her saw-like rostrum, which is displayed as a trophy of types. The distribution of this species has been decreased by 90 %, with inhabitants declines estimated at greater than 95 %, in accordance with NOAA.

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