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Three Mormyrid Fish – Petcha

Scientific Name: Gnathonemus petersii
Size: 10 inches
Color: Elephantnose fish have black dorsal and anal fins, grey forebody, daker posterior and fins. Two pale stripes enclose a wider black patch between the fins.
Distinguishing Features: Single proboscislike construction slightly below the small mouth.


Worm-Jawed Mormyrid
Scientific Name: Campylomormyrus tamandua
Size: 15 inches
Color: Young fish have darkish horizontal stripes on the dorsal forebody. Posterior is ismilar to the elephantnose. Adults are darkish and evenly coloured.
Distinguishing Features: Similar physique form to Gnathonemus petersii however has a bigger double proboscis (the decrease one is longer).


Freshwater Dolphin
Scientific Name: Mormyrus tapirus
Size: 17 inches
Color: Plain grey with no distinctive markings
Distinguishing Features: Lacks a proboscis, has a mid-sized snouth, lengthy-based mostly dorsal fin and a smaller anal fin. No distinct markings.

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