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The Different Types of Elizabethan Collars or E-Collars for Cats

Elizabethan collars (referred to as an “E-collars” in vet lingo or the “cones of shame” on social media) stop cats from licking or chewing surgical procedure suture websites. I gained’t sugarcoat it: Cats hate E-collars.

1. Lampshade

E-Collars for cats, traditional Elizabethan collar.

A cat carrying a conventional E-collar. Photography ©maxsattana | Thinkstock.

The previous type, opaque “lampshade” kind is especially loathed, primarily as a result of it robs the cat of his peripheral imaginative and prescient (along with interfering with consuming and grooming).

2. Clear Plastic

A clear plastic E-Collar for cats.

A transparent plastic E-collar for cats.

Clear plastic E-collars permit for some peripheral imaginative and prescient however are nonetheless uncomfortable.

three. Soft E-Collars

A cat modeling a soft E-Collar.

A cat modeling a tender E-collar.

In the previous couple of years, a quantity of pet provide producers have devised a spread of various varieties of E-collars, together with a tender E-collar that may be turned downward in order that it acts as a bib, stopping the cat from fussing with the incision whereas not affecting peripheral imaginative and prescient or consuming. These collars are surprisingly well-tolerated by cats.

four. Donut

A cat in an inflatable donut E-Collar.

A cat in an inflatable donut E-collar.

Another type is that of an inflatable “donut” that goes across the cat’s neck, resembling pillows that individuals use on airplanes when touring. In my expertise, cats dislike these solely marginally lower than the previous lampshade-type collar, though I’ve had just a few sufferers who didn’t thoughts them.

Tell us: How do your cats react after they put on E-collars? What Elizabethan collar works finest for your cat?

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