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Take Charge of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Tom Keane, a New York City lawyer, got here dwelling from work to a well-recognized sight: two or three small piles of vomit in numerous rooms of his house. Previous veterinary visits confirmed Keane’s cat Boo to be comparatively wholesome. Blood assessments and X-rays revealed no abnormalities. The veterinarian deemed Boo “a vomiter,” and Keane realized to reside with Boo’s thrice-weekly messes. In the previous few months, nonetheless, Boo’s drawback grew extra extreme, and his thrice weekly episodes grew to become thrice each day.

“I guess I had grown used to it,” Keane says. “But now it’s really gotten out of hand.”

After a bodily examination, blood assessments and a urinalysis had been regular, the veterinarian suspected that Boo had inflammatory bowel illness.

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