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Synchronise your watches … for Mars

DO you ever really feel that there are simply not sufficient hours within the day to get all the things performed?

Perhaps it’s time to transfer to Mars — or into the crimson planet’s time zone no less than — the place a day is 40 minutes longer.

Scientist Paulo de Silva, who works with the Mars Exploration Rover program, says setting your watch and dwelling based on Mars time would create comparable “body clock effects” in people as these skilled when daylight financial savings comes into impact.

Dr de Silva has two watches — one is about on Earth time, the opposite on Mars time.

“When we work with machines on another planet you need to work on local time,” Dr de Silva stated.

“It is among the fascinating challenges concerned within the Mars program, it’s like daylight financial savings within the excessive.

“Future astronauts should think about an extended day and the adjustments within the circadian cycle that produces.”

He stated time variations shall be one thing to be factored in as human discover different planets or moons into the longer term.

Dr de Silva stated he would go to Mars “in a heartbeat” if he didn’t have earthbound obligations to contemplate.

“At this stage it would be a one-way ticket and I have family to consider,” he stated.

In January 2004, the Mars Exploration Rover program managed the touchdown of two robotic geologists — named Spirit and Opportunity — on reverse sides of the crimson planet.

The robotic explorers have trekked for miles throughout the Martian floor, conducting area geology and making atmospheric observations.

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