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Super Polite Dog Accepts Treats She Hates To Avoid Hurting People’s Feelings

Dogs love meals. That we all know. But each every now and then, comes a choosy canine with hilariously odd meals preferences. And River is one in all these canines.

River was discovered as a stray, residing along with her sister, earlier than she was taken in by native rescue, as reported by The Dodo. When she was adopted, her new household seen that she was not a fan of a famously beloved canine deal with. But she made a degree to be extraordinarily well mannered about her explicit tastes.

“Mom, do I have to eat these?” Via The Dodo

“I first noticed River didn’t really like Milk-Bones right when we got her,” Stephanie Hill, River’s mother, advised The Dodo. “She would always gently take the treat from my hand but would then walk away and place it on the floor and stare at me like she didn’t know what to do next.”

“Once we turn the corner, I’m ditching this cookie.”Via The Dodo

Even when River goes out to run errands along with her proprietor, neighbors will hand out Milk-Bones to River as she passes by, and though she doesn’t preferred them, she accepts the present each time. Then she’ll drop the deal with when the treat-giver is out of sight.

“If we are in a drive-through or if we are on a walk and someone gives her one, she’ll hold the Milk-Bone until we are far enough away and then place it on the ground,” Hill advised The Dodo.

“I know it’s weird, but look at how cute I am!” Via The Dodo

Sure, Milk-Bones aren’t for everyone, or each canine, relatively, however no less than River minds her manners just like the candy doggo that she is.

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