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Strange Protrusion On Sugar Glider Causes Concern

By Karen Rosenthal, DVM, DABVP


I observed two purple, wormlike constructions protruding out of a sugar glider’s anus. What are these? What is that this?


Because you didn’t point out if it is a male or a feminine sugar glider, I’m going to imagine it is a male. What you’re looking at is the bizarre form of the male sugar glider’s penis. The male has a bifurcated penis. It consists of two shafts and resembles the forked tongue of a snake. This is definitely not protruding from its anus however from a typical opening known as a cloaca. The glider ought to give you the option retract the penis again into the cloaca. If not, it’s possible you’ll wish to convey him to your veterinarian.

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