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St. Lawrence College police students compete in ‘mini Olympics’ – Kingston

Students hoping to sooner or later have a profession in legislation enforcement have been put to the take a look at competing in St. Lawrence College’s annual “mini Olympics” on Thursday, Sept. 28.

Students enrolled in the police foundations program accomplished obstacles and workforce-constructing actions.

“I’ve wanted to be a police officer as early as high school and then I just never went in that direction with schooling and now I’m here,” Keith Hetherington, one among about 100 students collaborating in the occasion, stated.

The occasion is organized by second-12 months police basis students like Lance Cellini, who volunteer to turn into mentors for the primary-12 months students.

“Without my mentor, I wouldn’t have gotten involved in anything,” Cellini stated. “I would have just shown up to class and then gone home and done my homework and that’s it. But getting everyone involved makes them want to come to school and look forward to school.”

Fun and video games all a part of orientation day at Kingston’s St. Lawrence College

Among the occasions on this system have been dodgeball, final frisbee and tug of battle.

“I think [the mini Olympics] is the highlight of the class that we teach and it’s because they’re outside with their classmates, they get to do some physical activity, they get to work alongside the police,” Laura Norman, an teacher in this system, stated. “It builds teamwork and camaraderie among the students.”

Two Kingston police officers have been additionally readily available for the video games, to supply the students assist.

“It’s always nice to have the students familiar with what the organization can offer and also the things that we do with the community,” Const. Josh Conner,  a youth program officer stated.  “It can give them that different perspective on policing that they might not otherwise know exists.”

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