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Species Specific Aquariums – Petcha

Imagine the breathtaking fantastic thing about a closely planted aquarium containing 2 hundred, lazily shoaling, neon tetras (Paracheirodon innesi).  The black substrate and darkish aquarium backdrop spotlight the iridescent blue horizontal stripe of those strikingly lovely fish.  The aquatic show is the epitome of species aquariums.

bumblebee goby Brackish water bumble bee gobies are simpler to feed in a species tank. Photo by Stephen G. Noble

Species particular aquariums include just one sort (species) of fish or organism.  The three fundamental sorts of species tanks embody, freshwater, brackish water and saltwater.

A species tank might include only a single specimen or a whole bunch of the identical species relying upon their temperament, the scale of the tank and capability of the life help gear.  Species tanks should not solely saved by hobbyists.  Scientific establishments preserve enormous populations of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) for learning genetics and air pollution detection.  It is frequent for these coming into the pastime to have a species tank and never even understand it.  Many hobbyists hold a Betta as a result of they will stay in a tank appropriate for an workplace desk.  But, the aggressive temperament towards different male Betta’s is extra a compelling motive for preserving a single specimen.

Let’s examine causes for preserving the varied sorts of species aquariums:

 Freshwater Species Tanks

  1. Fish breeders can tweak the water parameters explicit species needs for breeding.  The discus get pleasure from very heat 29.four °C (85°F), smooth water whereas the Rift Valley cichlids want laborious, alkaline water and a temperature starting from 22-28 °C (72°-82°F).
  2. Subsequent generations, referred to as colonies, can occupy the identical aquarium because the dad and mom.  This is usually seen in guppy species tanks the place the off spring are able to surviving so long as the dad and mom are properly fed and crops present protected havens for the fry.

Brackish Water Species Tanks

Water is taken into account brackish when it has a selected gravity starting from 1.005 to 1.019.  Most brackish water species are tolerant of salinity fluctuations.

bumblebee goby A species particular freshwater shrimp tank. Photo by Stephen G. Noble

  • The checklist of dwelling aquarium dimension, brackish water fishes is somewhat quick.  This is primarily as a result of most freshwater and saltwater fishes are unable to adapt to lengthy-time period brackish situations.
  • Many brackish water species are territorial, develop to large sizes or are incompatible with different species which makes them preferrred candidates for a species tank.
  • Some of the smaller species such because the bumble bee goby (Brachygobius doriae) do a lot better in a species tank as a result of they’ve a troublesome time competing for meals with quicker swimming tank mates.

FishChannel has data on the right way to create a brackish water habitat:

Saltwater Species Tanks

Marine aquariums with one species of fish and invertebrates can nonetheless be thought-about a species tank.

    1. Species resembling seahorses (Hippocampus) are sometimes saved in species tanks as a consequence of their sluggish consuming habits and vulnerability of predation by eels and tangs. Swifter tank mates will rapidly devour the Mysis or stay brine shrimp and different meals supposed to slowly drift previous the ‘ambush eating’ seahorse.
    2. Moon jellyfish are fragile and ought to be saved in tanks absent any objects.  Micro bubbles from protein skimmers generally utilized in marine aquariums are detrimental to jellyfish.

bumblebee goby Seahorses are perfect for species aquariums. Photo by Stephen G. Noble

Species aquariums have many benefits over group tanks. They embody: the power for sustaining precise water parameters for higher fish well being and breeding, ease of feeding and predation avoidance. Keeping an aquarium when area is proscribed is one other benefit of the species aquarium.

Smaller species will be saved in nano reef tanks and freshwater aquariums. Most of all, species tanks could make beautiful aquatic shows with particular themes resembling an Amazon River tributary or a spectacular seahorse ‘stable.’ Enjoy your fish!

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