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Solving Litter Box Problems In Senior Cats

There are few issues extra endearing to me than a senior cat. Their smart previous eyes are a window to the various sights they’ve seen and the nice life they’ve lived. But senior cats additionally carry an ideal bodily burden. Their our bodies usually are not as limber and elastic as they as soon as had been. The deteriorating physique of a senior cat can create some issues for them and for the individuals who love them, and litter field points are widespread.

I’m the proprietor of a senior cat who has been by means of a lot bodily problem and discomfort surrounding his litter field. I hope that what I’ve realized by means of my very own struggles can assist you and your senior cat proceed to reside glad and wholesome lives collectively.

Medical Issues Can Cause Mayhem

As with cats of any age, step one in managing and resolving home‐soiling behaviors in seniors is to seek out the basis of the behavioral problem. In many circumstances, litter field aversion is linked to medical points which will have gone unnoticed by the cat’s guardian. House soiling habits is usually misattributed to the cat making an attempt to “get back at” the proprietor, however that is truly your senior cat’s calling card for assist.

When somebody contacts me to assist them with a feline behavioral problem, the very very first thing I ask is, “When is the last time your cat had a medical exam?” Pain and discomfort are quite common medical points that may create or exacerbate habits issues. Cats might seem nicely regardless of underlying illness, compensating for it till they’re now not ready to take action. If there’s a new, undesirable habits problem surrounding the litter field, we have to rule out the opportunity of underlying well being issues.

“For senior cats, we tend to look for metabolic disease, infection and environmental concerns related to age,” says Elizabeth Arguelles, DVM, proprietor and medical director of Just Cats Clinic in Reston, Virginia.

When a cat reaches his senior years (round 11 years previous) the litter field can grow to be the Box of Doom to a senior cat with a stiff, achy physique. What was as soon as a straightforward hop out and in to do their enterprise is now a painful and laborious expertise for them.

“Senior cats that start having litter box issues could be having trouble getting into and out of the litter box due to stiffness and/or arthritis,” Arguelles says. “Some boxes have high walls and arthritic cats can have difficulty physically getting into them. In these cases a simple litter box change can solve the problem.”

“Additionally in multi-level households, senior cats can have a hard time going up and down the stairs to get to the litter box and may need it moved to the main level living space where they are more comfortable,” she provides.

Your senior cat could also be avoiding the litter field as a result of it’s too soiled for his liking. The elevated urine manufacturing that always outcomes from ailments widespread to growing old cats will trigger the litter field to grow to be dirty extra shortly, which regularly causes cats to seek out an space apart from the litter field.

In people, modifications within the growing old mind contribute to a lack of reminiscence and results on the persona, which is usually known as dementia. Similar signs are seen in aged cats: wandering, extreme meowing, obvious disorientation and avoidance of social interplay.

After consulting with a number of feline specialist veterinarians, and getting our senior cat screened for medical points, I realized that these are only a few of the explanation why a senior cat might now not wish to use his/her litter field:

  • Degenerative joint illness (numerous types of arthritis)
  • Cancers in numerous varieties
  • Degenerative modifications that happen within the mind with age
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney illness
  • Muscle atrophy; joint thickening
  • Lumbar spondylosis
  • Decreased imaginative and prescient/blindness

Albert’s Struggles As A Senior

How usually have you ever heard (or mentioned) issues like, “My cat deliberately pooped on my favorite rug!” or “I know he threw up there on purpose!” I can see why somebody may suppose these issues, however the actuality is that cats usually are not doing their enterprise on our private gadgets to get an increase out of us. Sometimes, when a senior cat’s gotta go, he actually has to go — wherever he’s standing.

I skilled this with our senior cat. One morning I got here downstairs to a startling and smelly shock. Someone had pooped and vomited proper smack dab in the course of our good rug in the lounge.

After a lot investigation on the scene of the accident, I concluded that Albert, our senior cat, had in some way vomited and defecated on the identical time. If I had not been conscious of senior cats’ medical points, I might need concluded that Albert did it on function. But I knew higher.

I known as our feline practitioner and made an appointment for Albert. After a really thorough examination, our vet decided that Albert was affected by plenty of illnesses that contributed to what I discovered in the lounge that morning. Albert’s previous physique couldn’t maintain all of it in, so all of it got here out directly!

Have you seen any of those behaviors in your senior cat?

  • Urinating or defecating outdoors the litter field
  • Not desirous to climb into the cat condominium as a lot
  • Difficulty going up or down the steps
  • Less keen to leap up or down from locations
  • Appearance of stiffness
  • Less agile
  • Whines when lifted
  • Lameness or limping
  • Spends much less time grooming
  • Cries out loudly for no obvious purpose

Arthritis and different degenerative joint ailments are a few of the commonest illnesses amongst senior cats. If your cat is exhibiting indicators of litter field aversion and is demonstrating any of the behaviors listed above, then a joint-related medical problem could also be contributing to the issue. Have your cat examined by your vet for a correct prognosis and to rule out any extra points.

Our veterinarians created a medical therapy plan to assist Albert together with his bodily points, and we started following it. For my half, I created a extra appropriate litter field association that will make Albert’s life simpler. If your cat has been recognized with a joint-related situation, making the suitable changes to his litter field could be one of the useful issues you are able to do for him.

Your veterinarian or a certified feline habits marketing consultant can assist you make the suitable changes to your cat’s litter field.

“Even an open litter box could very well be too small for a cat with arthritis,” says Fern Crist, DVM. “When the cat goes into the box and he accidentally touches the side of the box with his tail, rump or back legs, this could be painful enough to make them not want to use it anymore.”

That’s why she recommends utilizing “an open, low-sided litter box, to avoid the cat bumping into the sides.” Her instance is only one of many you need to use to assist your senior cat preserve a snug litter field association.

A litter box with low sides make going to the bathroom easier for senior cats. Courtesy of Amy Martin

A litter field with low sides make going to the toilet simpler for senior cats. Photo Courtesy of Amy Martin

Environmental Stress On A Senior Cat

In addition to medical points that happen in senior cats, decreased tolerance for stress can be widespread. Older cats could also be extra delicate to modifications within the family, since their skill to adapt to unfamiliar conditions begins to decrease with age. They can grow to be extra insecure and really feel threatened by different cats of their territory. Because senior cats are simply pressured, modifications of their setting must be saved to a minimal and integrated progressively. Managing your senior cat’s setting successfully will assist you to preserve your lifelong bond with him.

Things To Remember

Remember that it’s necessary to not blame or punish your senior cat for his issues with the litter field, and to not assume that these issues will repair themselves.

At the outset of any field points, have your cat examined by a veterinarian. Feline specialists, when you have one in your space, will probably be particularly useful in the case of diagnosing the medical points usually present in older cats and serving to with a therapy plan. Regardless of the form of veterinarian you selected, you should definitely act quick when you suppose a medical problem could also be at play. Be certain to comply with the veterinarian’s suggestions.

I additionally encourage you to be open to alter and compromise, and have endurance. Regardless of the period of the issue, most circumstances could be resolved with just a few comparatively easy steps. Being conscientious of your senior cat will be sure that you and your feline member of the family preserve a wholesome and stress-free life collectively!

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