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Sims Get Pets Because Now Even Virtual Humans Need Dogs And Cats

Because why spend any second of your life away from animals?

“The Sims” online game lets folks stay digital lives on-line, or solo on their very own computer systems, and has all the pieces an individual want… type of.

Players typically complain about lacking components, however what they don’t must have unintelligible murmurings about — or pull out their hair over whereas having @#%$ floating over their heads — is a scarcity of pets.

An enlargement pack for Sims four was introduced Monday, and it’s all about pets, EA Games studies. It will probably be launched in November 2017 and really will probably be an enlargement pack as a result of it’s stuffed with canine (cue Sim head-shaking and leaving us throughout dialog).

While earlier expansions allowed gamers to have pet, this new model ups the sport. Now, Sims can customise their pets with breed picks and even outfit selections, so you’ll be able to lastly get your Corgi into that shark floaty go well with. They can prepare and play with their pets as effectively.

You may also turn into a veterinarian on this model, which is bold and caring. But wait some time earlier than giving your coronary heart completely to the digital pets as a result of, from what we collect on this preview, these beloved beasts can also nearly die. (Why, EA Games, WHYYYY?)

“We met online.” Via The Sims/YouTube

Like the actual issues, these digital cats and canine appear like pets you would give your complete coronary heart to. Or, not less than, have your complete coronary heart floating above your head for.

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