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Service Dog Hilariously Fails When Asked To Get A Water Bottle

“Instead of water, can I interest you in some condiments?”

It’s at all times astounding to see how properly service canine are educated. And due to their high-level abilities in understanding instructions and their homeowners’ particular person wants, their presence can imply the distinction between life and dying.

Sometimes, nonetheless, they get the instructions incorrect. And in a video posted to YouTube by Chronically Jaquie, a service canine named Harlow makes a hilarious mistake.

Harlow’s proprietor, Jaquie, asks the pup to convey a number of gadgets to the sofa the place she’s sitting.

She asks for her slippers, the distant and a blanket, all of which Harlow is completely satisfied to ship.

But then Jaquie asks Harlow to get her water bottle from the fridge, and when Harlow returns from the kitchen, she palms Jaquie… one thing else.

A bottle of Ranch dressing!

Harlow clearly thinks it’s the water bottle, although, with the proud look she has on her face.

When Jaquie asks her to get the water bottle a second time, the pupper nails it.

It’s OK, Harlow. Ranch IS fairly scrumptious.

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