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Q: Is it attainable that I can put a dwarf hamster with a Syrian hamster? Our veterinarian mentioned that feminine Syrians can dwell with feminine dwarfs and that my Syrian may have a companion. Should I get a dwarf hamster like she mentioned or go away my Syrian be?
Q: Can a Chinese dwarf hamster dwell in the identical cage/massive container with a hedgehog?
A: Syrian hamsters dwell alone in nature as quickly as they’re weaned and now not want their mom’s care. After that, they search each other out just for temporary intervals of mating. Our pet Syrian hamsters have all these identical instincts, although they now not have to battle for territory or scarce assets. Mere a long time of dwelling as pets haven’t modified what’s so deeply and primarily part of being a Syrian hamster.
While pet Syrian hamsters are light creatures with individuals, all of their instincts inform them that any animal in search of to share territory and meals is an invader. Syrian hamsters can’t escape an invader in captivity, so even probably the most delicate-tempered may have no different recourse however to dispatch the newcomer sooner or later, typically in horrifically swift and violent methods. The minutes or hours or days main as much as that finish shall be unnaturally annoying, and needlessly so.
The gender of the Syrian hamster doesn’t matter, nor does the species of the proposed “companion.” Syrian hamsters should dwell alone. It is their nature and their overwhelming want. It is the one protected and compassionate solution to home a Syrian hamster.
Dwarf hamsters can dwell in small teams, however just one species to a cage. Each species has its personal approach of regarding and speaking with each other, and whereas we might not observe all of the finer factors of those distinctions, they do. Similarly, housing any hamster with an animal of any one other species is solely not one thing both is supplied for. These pressured pairings don’t present significant companionship — solely stress and really actual hazard.
Thanks for sharing these crucial questions! It’s clear you need the most effective for the little ones in your care, and it’s pure to suppose that our pets share the identical form of emotional connections we do. Syrian hamsters don’t, however they do bond strongly with the people who maintain them. The most vital factor to recollect is that you just’re the largest a part of your pet’s world, and she or he understands what you imply to her. Pets put themselves willingly in our fingers. You’re doing proper by asking questions and putting your little pal’s finest pursuits first. It ought to make you actually glad to know that you just’re all of the companion she must get pleasure from a full and wholesome life!

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