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Rabbit Eats Possibly Toxic Plant

Q: I’ve a rabbit that ate the ends off of my bromeliad plant. Will this damage the rabbit? The rabbit ate them early this morning (about 5 a.m.) and once I went again to the nursery the place I bought the plant, they instructed me that the bromeliad is understood to kill cats however they didn’t learn about rabbits. My rabbit appears to be okay. It has been so long as 12 hours because the rabbit ate the plant. The rabbit didn’t eat very a lot of the plant, perhaps only a nibble on the finish of the leaf.

A: If it has been 12 hours since your rabbit ingested this plant, it’s seemingly this plant had no impact in your rabbit. In truth, since your rabbit simply took a nibble, it might be unusual for this plant to trigger issues. In common, we don’t fear about toxicity when rabbits eat bromeliad, however there are totally different species of this widespread family plant. The commonest reactions seen with poisonous crops are contact reactions. These reactions trigger elevated salivation, harm to tissue within the mouth, and perhaps a number of hours or extra of not consuming. There are some very poisonous crops on the market, however a rabbit nibbling on a bromeliad received’t seemingly expertise an issue.

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