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Prominent Conservationist Joins Panthera – Petcha

Conservationist and creator Dr. George Schaller was named vp of Panthera, a corporation devoted to defending the world’s wild cats and their habitats.

Schaller spent greater than 50 years working for the Wildlife Conservation Society, the place he performed seminal research on lions, tigers and snow leopards. He has labored for almost twenty years on the Tibetan Plateau in collaboration with Chinese and Tibetan scientists finding out wildlife, akin to wild yak and snow leopard, and creating conservation methods.
His resolution to affix Panthera was primarily based on the vital scenario cats are confronted with on the bottom, he stated, including, “Time is running out for some species, like the tiger, while others, like the snow leopard, are teetering on the brink of survival, and we still do not even know exactly where they occur. By joining Panthera, and remaining as an adviser to WCS, I believe I can have the most impact on conservation at this stage of my life.”

In addition, he’s working to create a multinational protected space on the distant mountain juncture of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Tajikistan. He has additionally turned his consideration to the safety of the uncommon Iranian cheetah, a challenge on which he works with Panthera Executive Director Dr. Luke Hunter.

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