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Portuguese Water Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

Portuguese Water Dog
Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Anglers ranged from the Atlantic Shore of the own Nation into the arctic fishing grounds of Newfoundland within their pursuit for cod. Assisting them were medium-size, curly-coated dogs that drove fish into nets, retrieved missing speech, and swam messages from boat to boat.Personality about Portuguese Water Dog are


Known called the Cao de Agua (puppy of the water) along with Exotic fishing puppy, these puppy helpmeets developed into what we know now as the Portuguese Water Dog, a serene, bright, and — naturally — water-loving breed. Actually, one of their distinctive characteristics is their webbed feet.

Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Porties, as they are nicknamed, are friendly and overburdened. For an Busy household, particularly one having a swimming pool, nearby beach, or vessel, they may be an superb option. They flourish with training and therefore are ideal for dog sports like agility, obedience, rally, treatment work, monitoring, and water function.

Regardless of What activity you choose, Make Sure That Your Portie gets Daily exercise — without it they may get frustrated and destructive. Swimming is a natural option, but they also make great walking or jogging buddies.

Becoming hypoallergenic. It is not quite true — there’s really no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog.

— even in precisely the exact same breed — the perfect way to learn whether you’re have an allergic reaction to a certain dog is to spend time with him.)

He’s Loving and loyal, fun-loving and firm occupied, the Portuguese Water Dog can be a treasured contact to the ideal discrete.

Portuguese Water Dog Obama

Since they are working dogs PWDs are usually content in being at their master’s side, awaiting directions, and, if they’re trained, they are willing and able to follow complex commands. They learn very fast, seem to relish the training, and have a very long memory for the names of objects. These traits and their non-shedding coats mean they excel at the various Service Dog roles like hearing dogs for the deaf), mobility dogs, and seizure response dogs. They also make unusually great therapy dogs . They are inclined to be quiet dogs though they will warn when the residence is approached, and they’ll communicate their desires vocally and behaviourally to their owner. They may engage in “expressive panting”, by building a distinct “ha-ha-ha-ha” sound as an invitation to play or to indicate a desire for nearby food.

Emotionally Physically he’s lively and athletic, poised for any activity.

Mental Stimulation is equally as important to this clever, thinking breed. Get him involved in the sport of agility or advanced obedience, and play a lot of vigorous fetching games.

If You’re not an outdoorsy person or in the event that you only need to have an undemanding pet, this isn’t the breed for you.

When Well socialized, his reaction to strangers varies from friendly to polite, but he should always stay steadfast and hold his ground. This observant breed creates a fine watchdog, but not a guardian.

Portuguese Water Dog For Sale

Whenever the First Family welcomed Providentially, the Portie likes attention almost as much as he likes playing with children and swimming. An important thought before headfirst in to tenure of a Portuguese Water Dog: If you don’t need a dog who wishes to be wet, this isn’t the dog for you. Caveats aside, this curly mop of good natured canine might be just the ticket for your loved ones.


The Breed was created in Portugal, where the breed served as the fisherman’s equivalent of a farmer’s right-hand man. Few men and women need that type of water-logged helper anymore, so the Portie’s smarts and enthusiasm have been put to other uses. Among the most notable: When San Francisco opened its new bayside ballpark for the Giants, a group of Porties went to work retrieving home run balls from the water.


The fishermen regarded them as part of the crew and allowed them to eat the fish and even paid the dogs for their services. The amity of the trawling boat made them folks dogs, they love outlay time with their folks and would like to be encompassed in all family activities. Perhaps the fishing boats were were they learned to be showmen, too. Landlords report their dogs are disposed to to mindless behavior, reiterating it when it gets a fun, and each time adding a minute more flair. These dogs are excellent with kids and earn a companion for active families.

  • Portuguese Water Dogs make Fantastic companions.
  • They areloving, independent, intelligent
  • And may be trained in obedience
  • and agility skills.

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