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Pets: A Reason To Celebrate

The American Animal Hospital Association just lately surveyed 1,200 pet house owners relating to the human-pet relationship. One of the questions posed to pet house owners was “How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?” Forty-three p.c of respondents reported that they wrap presents for his or her pets, 42 p.c make a particular pet-safe birthday cake or deal with, 45 p.c sing comfortable birthday to their pet, and 41 p.c take part within the pet’s favourite exercise.

When requested “In what ways do you include your pet in holiday celebrations?,” 81 p.c stated they offer particular treats, 70 p.c hold Christmas stockings, 65 p.c give wrapped presents, 56 p.c take a photograph of/with their pet, and 24 p.c ship a greeting card to or from their pet. As a reward for a pet’s good habits, 79 p.c of these polled give consideration, 59 p.c give particular meals or a deal with, and 19 p.c interact in a pet’s favourite exercise. The survey additionally requested, “Where do you display your pet’s photo?” Seventy-nine p.c stated at house, 49 p.c stated in a particular picture album, 43 p.c stated at work, 31 p.c stated in a pockets, and 9 p.c stated as a display screen saver. The responses got here from 40 states, and 5 p.c of respondents have been from Canada. The majority of these polled have been 25 years outdated or older, 85 p.c have been feminine, 66 p.c have been married, and 70 p.c didn’t have youngsters beneath the age of 18 at house.

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