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Patella Problem After Surgery on Dog’s Knee

Q. My 13-month-old American Bulldog had patella surgical procedure at eight months of age, and is now lame in the identical leg. She has been this fashion for 2 weeks. A current X-ray revealed swelling in her knee, however nothing extra. She is not going to put any weight on the leg–she simply drags it. What are the doable causes, and what ought to we ask our new vet. I needed a second opinion as a result of all of the earlier surgeon did was give her an anti-inflammatory.

A. Some canines are born with a situation generally known as a luxating patella, the place the kneecap pops out of the groove it usually slides up and down in. The corrective surgical procedure consists of deepening the groove by slicing out a small portion of cartilage that strains the V-shaped groove.
Unfortunately, it seems like your canine is having critical problems. Most seemingly, she’s going to want one other surgical procedure to guage precisely what goes on, and make it proper. If you’ve misplaced confidence in your unique veterinarian, you may search a second opinion.
Keep in thoughts, with all surgical procedure there’s at all times a threat of problems. Some veterinarians don’t at all times adequately focus on surgical dangers previous to surgical procedure as a result of they’re nervous about speaking canine homeowners out of doing the surgical procedure. Probably 10 to 15 p.c of patellar surgical procedures have some form of complication, most of which require repeat surgical procedure to repair.
I might proceed with scheduling a follow-up surgical procedure to diagnose and repair the issue in your canine’s knee.

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