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Nervous – Petcha

A chook that’s nervous is anxious, edgy and hyper-reactive to stimuli within the surroundings.

As small prey animals, it’s logical that companion birds (parrots and songbirds) are extra excessive-strung than predators like hawks. However, there are extensive ranges of nervousness inside every species, particularly in parrots. Theories abound about why some people are extra reactive than others, together with the way in which through which a parrot is weaned to consuming by itself as to if or not it was allowed to fledge (study to fly) as a standard a part of its growth. The degree of tension within the proprietor is one other vital issue. Certain species look like extra emotionally fragile than others, akin to African gray parrots. On the opposite finish of the spectrum are much less hyper parrots like Amazons, massive macaws and caiques. However, inside every species, there are at all times people that go in opposition to the norm. People who are usually extremely anxious are prone to do higher with the psittacine species that are usually much less reactive.

A chook that’s excessive-strung could be helped to study to be extra adaptable with endurance and gentleness. The trick is to show it that new issues are fascinating and enjoyable, not threatening. Parrot habits marketing consultant Sally Blanchard’s strategy of “playing real estate agent” works nicely. While watching the chook’s physique language so the chook doesn’t get too frightened, present the chook round the home and talk about what you see and lavishly reward the chook for its bravery. For occasion, look within the kitchen cupboards collectively, discussing the totally different cans and packing containers, and reward the chook for being courageous sufficient to the touch one thing new. By very gently nudging on the chook’s consolation degree, you’ll be able to slowly educate the chook extra self-confidence.

Disclaimer: BirdChannel.com’s Bird Behavior Index is meant for instructional functions solely. It isn’t meant to switch the experience and expertise of knowledgeable veterinarian. Do not use the data offered right here to make choices about your chook’s well being in case you suspect your pet is sick. If your pet is displaying indicators of sickness otherwise you discover modifications in your chook’s habits, take your pet to the closest veterinarian or an emergency pet clinic as quickly as doable.

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