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Nano Reef Tanks and Fish Size

Q. Is it potential to maintain surgeonfish in a nano reef aquarium? When I used to be at MACNA this 12 months I used to be stunned to see a number of nano aquariums with small surgeons in them. Is this widespread, and is it potential for this to achieve success in the long run?
Jared M.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A. I too observed quite a lot of small aquariums housing surgeonfish on the MACNA present. Some of those aquariums had small bristletooth tangs in them whereas others housed very small yellow tangs. My guess is that the shows we noticed throughout MACNA have been for eye attraction solely as lots of the tropical fish in these aquariums have been on the market or a prize for one of many many raffles. I don’t suppose the aim of these shows was to encourage individuals to maintain surgeonfish in a nano reef atmosphere as a result of it’s virtually unattainable and will most actually make for an enormous failure in the long term.

Juvenile surgeonfish may be very deceptive from a measurement standpoint. Many aquarists buy surgeonfish for bigger aquariums and quickly notice that these tropical fish attain lengths of 12 inches or extra with a powerful physique mass. Adult surgeonfish of most any species are massive tropical fish that require open swimming area with little to no obstructions. I personally didn’t notice the sheer measurement and swimming capabilities of those fish till I used to be diving in pure reef ecosystems and observing them in motion.

As far as conserving surgeonfish in nano reef aquarium, the shows at MACNA have been the primary I’ve seen that housed surgeons. Most nano reef aquariums preserve a small inhabitants of fish that don’t attain lengths in extra of three inches. I’ve discovered that the most effective success may be had when a nano reef aquarium is stored with one or possibly two small tropical fish, permitting the invertebrates to actually be the celebrities of the present.

Fish, even small ones, have fast metabolisms and produce sufficient waste to degrade water high quality in small saltwater aquariums. Invertebrates then again have painfully sluggish metabolisms and don’t create close to the waste that fish do. In brief, a number of tropical fish and a number of invertebrates and corals is the best way to go. The considered conserving a surgeonfish in a nano reef aquarium for the long run is nearly loopy. There is simply no manner, even with every day water adjustments, I can see that figuring out. It could be a really merciless apply for the tropical fish.

While I believe nano reef aquariums could make for introduction into the pastime, as a result of they require extra diligent care and consideration to element than some bigger automated techniques, additionally they make it potential for starting aquarists to make detrimental errors. The organizers that had the shows at MACNA most likely assumed that most individuals attending the present have been fairly superior aquarists and would have the ability to notice that conserving a surgeonfish in such small quarters was a nasty concept. I’ll say that in case you had a big nano aquarium, (24 to 30 gallons) and a big reef aquarium and wished to accommodate a really small juvenile tang within the nano, solely lengthy sufficient for it to achieve a measurement higher suited to the bigger aquarium then and solely then would the apply be applicable. I’ve bought small Atlantic blue tangs and housed them in 20-gallon nano aquariums in order that I may simply present them with algae-rich fish meals and permit them to fill in. As quickly because the fish grew massive sufficient it was moved to the principle show aquarium.

I might advocate trying on the cherub angelfish (Centropyge multicolor) as a potential tenant if you’re planning on beginning a nano reef aquarium. These Caribbean dwarf angels keep somewhat small, not exceeding three inches, and are colourful and lively members of a nano reef group. They are distinctive within the nano reef aquarium as a result of they’ve the identical physique type as bigger saltwater angels, however lack the scale or waste producing potential of their bigger cousins. Just be suggested, like every angelfish they’ve the potential to nip corals.

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