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My Dog Doesn’t Like Other Dogs: 5 steps to Stop the Barking and Lunging

Romanian sheepdogWe’ve all seen it.

Person and canine are strolling alongside the road.

Dog spots one other particular person or canine and goes ballistic. Barking, lunging, ducking and diving, in a flurry of enamel and claws, in search of all the world as if she needs to eat everybody in her path.

Then we see the poor proprietor making an attempt to take care of this explosion. Usually he tries to restrain the canine bodily, shout at her, possibly yank her round on her leash, earlier than beating a disorderly retreat to lick his social wounds and restore his dignity.

The social strain to seem to be in command of your group – whether or not they be individuals or animals – could be very robust.

And if we let it, it can make us act in a approach we don’t like, certainly a approach which isn’t like us in any respect!

This could be doubly laborious for males.

Why? Because they’re anticipated to be completely in management. And to guarantee by no matter implies that that management shouldn’t be challenged or defied. Inability to cease their canine kicking up bother is perceived – erroneously – as an indication of weak point. So rationality goes out the window, and they act out of character.

The man who was dandling his child on his knee an hour earlier than is now yelling and yanking his canine about in a approach he would hate to see on video. The query is: Why are individuals so fast to punish their canine?


But my canine is being defiant!

Let’s backtrack slightly and discover out to begin with why your canine is doing this.

The reply, in the overwhelming majority of instances, is concern.

Not aggression, viciousness, nastiness, defiance, stubbornness – simply plain, tail-wetting concern.

It could also be that the canine was not sufficiently socialized in the important early weeks; it could be that she had a nasty expertise which has coloured her notion of unusual individuals or canine; or it could be that it’s simply the approach she is.

She’s a enjoyment of the home, good with the children, however when she’s out she turns right into a screaming monster. She sees one thing that frightens her. She’s on the leash so is unable to flee, so she does her finest to look ferocious to repel the invader. She’s shouting “Get away from me! Look – I have teeth! Don’t make me use them!”

None of this can be a problem to your authority! So making an attempt to be the boss shouldn’t be going to assist one bit.

The reverse is true. If your canine sees one thing that frightens her and then you definately weigh in and frighten her extra, that is going to make issues rather a lot worse!

Shouting at your younger daughter when she exhibits a concern of spiders shouldn’t be going to assist her overcome her real concern of them.

So it’s along with your canine.

So how can I’ve a relaxed stroll with out all Hell breaking unfastened?

Jack Russel Terrier alertThe harsh remedy of canine advocated by some in style TV packages doesn’t sit properly with the approach you select to relate to your loved ones. But there’s no want to deal with your canine any in another way! Once you perceive that your canine is afraid, this adjustments your response fully. She is now not to be castigated, quite to be helped to deal with a state of affairs which is terrifying her.

This is the place your power and braveness are available. Without concern of what different individuals could consider you, you’ll be freed to make the proper decisions to change the dynamic – not excellent now, however in the future too.


1. The very first thing is to give your canine distance. If the different canine is simply too shut at 30 toes, then get 60 toes away. Think of your little woman and the spider.

2. Let your canine know that she by no means has to meet an odd particular person or canine ever once more – you’ll at all times transfer her away simply as she sees them. Yes – this may flip your beforehand ordered and linear stroll right into a little bit of a chaotic zigzag, however it is going to be a relaxed and peaceable zigzag! This will construct her confidence to the extent that this step alone could finally allow her to cross different canine with out remark.

three. Relax your arms. It’s extremely possible (and completely comprehensible) that everytime you see something approaching, you tighten the leash in a vice-like grip, tense up, breathe sooner, and typically give the look of being simply as afraid as your canine is! So do the reverse: breathe slowly, decrease and chill out your arms, say to your canine in a relaxed voice, “Let’s go!”, and head off in the different path.

four. Ditch any nasty collars and devices promoted for protecting your canine below management. These can solely serve to make her extra frightened. Imagine placing a straitjacket in your frightened little woman and forcing her to confront the spider! It will amplify the concern immensely. Use a mushy collar or harness and a unfastened lead. No chains. No spikes. No batteries.

5. Reward your canine when she does it proper! As quickly as you flip away from the impending menace – whether or not it’s 10 toes or 100 toes away – congratulate her warmly on her good self-control! Her lack of stress and misery shall be an enormous reward in themselves – feeling panicky and afraid is not any enjoyable. Always carrying some tasty treats in your pocket will make it crystal clear to her that she has accomplished one thing that has actually happy you. Dish them out freely when she’s achieved a relaxed response. Scatter them on the floor for her to hoover up.

Softly, softly, catchee monkey

You are going to make large strides ahead, however you’re additionally going to have setbacks.

See it as a sluggish development. Fear is a really robust emotion and doesn’t disappear in a single day. You’ll give you the chance to look again shortly and say to your self, “We couldn’t have walked past that dog a few months ago!”

As you turn from fearing different individuals’s opinions to focusing in your canine’s wants, you’ll know you could make the proper decisions to your canine’s properly being.

A calm dog walk

You already do this with your loved ones. Just overlook about macho males on the TV beating up their canine and deal with your canine as you deal with your youngsters – with empathy and kindness.

It’s not about management, or exhibiting who’s boss. It’s about guaranteeing the security and happiness of everybody in your care.

Now you may have the calm walks that you just crave!

And for a four-part e mail course that can stroll you thru this, step-by-step, head over to www.brilliantfamilydog.com/growly


Beverley Courtney, writer of the Brilliant Family Dog e book sequence “Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog” and “Essential Skills for your Growly but Brilliant Family Dog” works with new puppies and rescue canine, at all times trying to intensify the bond between canine and proprietor. She has explicit empathy with “growly” canine.


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