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My Cat Cries When I Leave the House


I rescued an enormous male cat from the MSPCA about two years in the past. He is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever seen and has no mood to talk of. Actually, I discover his affection sort of odd. He desires to be close to me all the time and he stares at me continuously — even whereas I sleep. According to my roommate he wanders round for a very long time wanting and meowing for me when I go away residence. Everyone who meets him exclaims that he’s obsessive about me. Is this an issue or is it widespread? It doesn’t trouble me however I surprise if it’s because he was uncared for earlier than I rescued him (I know nothing of his historical past).


It seems like your cat could also be exhibiting cat separation anxiousness. Even although his habits doesn’t trouble you, it’s traumatic for him. The origins of the habits most likely are rooted in his previous, earlier than you pulled him from the humane society. The authentic set off of the anxiousness may have occurred when he was surrendered to the shelter, separated from the particular person or household he had sturdy attachments with. Regardless of the motive, it might be higher for him to not be harassed and anxious.

You may help your cat overcome his anxiousness and really feel safer in your house by a number of particular actions. Start by serving to him alter to your leaving the home by inserting garments you’ve worn or slept in on his favourite sleeping areas earlier than you permit for the day. Your odor will assist reassure him that he hasn’t been deserted once more. Hearing your voice may even assist him really feel safe. Buy your cat a deal with ball that may report your voice. Treat balls are hole plastic balls with holes in them. In order on your cat to get the deal with, he has to roll it in order that the treats fall by the holes. A few fashions have recorders constructed into them. Every time he bats the deal with ball or rolls it for a deal with, he’ll hear you telling him what an incredible cat he’s.

Forming bonds with not less than one different particular person may even assist change your cat’s habits. If your roommate likes him, ask your roommate to provide your cat wholesome cat treats and to play and work together with him every day.

Adopting one other cat to maintain your cat firm might assist the state of affairs. Understand that your cat might not like different cats. The shelter ought to have supplied you together with his historical past while you pulled him. Notes on the type would possibly specify if he has a historical past of dwelling peacefully with different cats. If he does nicely with different cats, you might wish to discover him a brand new cat buddy who’s shut in age and likewise enjoys the firm of different cats.

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