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Medical Conditions: Pet Bird Head Injury

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Concussions, fractures or lacerations can all happen with head accidents. Birds can typically get better rapidly from seemingly critical head accidents.


Night frights inflicting a chicken to fall of its perch, seizures, flying into objects equivalent to ceiling followers, mirrors, home windows or partitions, or falls from nice sufficient of a peak can all lead to head trauma.

Immediate Care:

Visually study your chicken instantly after an incident to test for alertness and neurological indicators. Check your chicken for indicators of shock and study the skull, eyes, ears, beak and nares for fractures, bleeding, laceration or bruising. Move the chicken to a darkish, quiet atmosphere and name your avian vet or after-hours facility to inform them that you’re bringing in your chicken. Stop any bleeding with direct stress and a gauze sq., ensuring to not prohibit the outward respiratory by the keel. Sometimes, a chicken that flies right into a window or mirror might not solely maintain a head damage, however might also endure from a compression fracture to a number of vertebrae within the neck. Radiographs could also be helpful in figuring out extra accidents.

Long Term Care:

Birds in shock after a head damage ought to obtain IV fluids (or through intra-osseous catheter) however at a fraction of the traditional quantity to keep away from over-hydration. Antibiotics and short-term corticosteroids are normally administered with head accidents, however after a number of days of no enchancment, neurological harm could also be everlasting. Steroids ought to solely be used when there’s a true want, as their injudicious use might trigger immunosuppression and different issues.

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