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Male Guinea Pig Mating Behavior Explained

Q: I’ve not too long ago adopted one feminine and two male guinea pigs. They are throughout 2 months outdated. I’m ready for the boys to be the best weight to have them fastened. I’m too scared to have the feminine fastened in case she is already pregnant. Once the males are fastened, will they depart my little feminine alone? They at the moment comply with her far and wide. I wish to add one other feminine to the group as soon as the boys are fastened, however I don’t need to do this if it’s going to trigger fights. They have greater than sufficient room to roam and play of their two-level, split-level “home” with loads of hidey-holes.

A: Having a male guinea pig fastened is not going to change his pure propensity to need to mate with the feminine. It will solely insure that there isn’t any conception after the act. In the scenario you describe, having just one feminine who will cycle each 17 days means she is not going to solely have the undesirable advances of 1 male, however she might be chased round consistently by two. This could also be an excessive amount of to your little feminine, it might be an excessive amount of for many human females.

If you may separate your males and have two teams, one fastened male and one feminine every residing in separate housing, that will be a lot more healthy to your pairs than the stress of all of them residing collectively as they’re now. One male and one feminine residing collectively has been a perfect configuration, or having two females to at least one neutered male is alright as nicely. Two neutered males and one feminine is a really stress-filled surroundings.

More than doubtless you’re proper to imagine your feminine is pregnant. You ought to home her individually to insure a wholesome being pregnant and supply. This may also insure your feminine doesn’t grow to be pregnant within the first 24 hours after giving start, as that is when the males will demand to mate along with her, presumably inflicting damage to the pups, and forcing her to hold one other litter whereas making an attempt to boost the one she already had. It could be a grievous hardship to each mom and pups.

Female guinea pigs can grow to be pregnant as younger as four weeks (1 month) outdated. Though how viable the being pregnant could be is questionable. No matter what, it’s undue bodily hardship for her to hold so younger and even abort at that age.

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