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Make A Mama Ferret Hammock

Make an enormous Mama Ferret hammock with a roomy sleeping pocket. This could be hung inside a ferret cage, held on a stand fabricated from PVC pipes or it may be on the ground in a ferret playroom.

Finished Mama Ferret Hammock
(Click picture to enlarge.

Supplies Needed For Mama Ferret Hammock
• Sewing machine
• 1 yard darkish brown fleece
• ½ yard beige fleece
• ¼ yard white fleece (non-obligatory)
• ½ yard flannel (any coloration)
• eight” black Velcro
• Thread
• Straight pins
• Ruler
• Marking pen
• Large dimension newsprint
• Scissors
• Felt squares for eyes (white and black), nostril (black or pink), darkish brown for paws 

To make the patterns, print out the three ferret patterns beneath to see the shapes and get the sizing. Draw on newsprint with marker. This paper sample can be utilized many instances. Cut your sample out and pin to material and minimize all of the items you will have.
Ferret Hammock Pattern 1, click on right here>>
Ferret Hammock Pattern 2, click on right here>>
Ferret Hammock Pattern three, click on right here>>

To get began, place the small black eye on high of the bigger white eye and sew it on. Stitch eyes onto the masks.

(Click picture to enlarge.) 

Take the ferret’s muzzle and sew it right into a cone form. Turn the muzzle proper facet out and connect the nostril on the tip. Stitch the ear lining on the ear, then sew the back and front ear collectively and switch it proper facet out. 

(Click picture to enlarge.) 

Next add some quilt batting contained in the ferret’s muzzle and sew the muzzle to the top. Sew the masks above the muzzle and stitch the ears on. With proper sides collectively, take the ferret’s head back and front and sew leaving a three inch opening on the underside. Turn the ferret head proper facet out and stuff with extra of the quilter’s batting.

(Click picture to enlarge.) 

Take the ferret’s legs and arms and fold every in half, lengthwise. Place a paw inside one finish and sew that finish and the lengthy facet, leaving the opposite quick finish open. Turn proper sides out. Sew the ferret tummy onto one of many fleece predominant physique items.

(Click picture to enlarge.) 

Take one of many ferret’s flannel predominant physique items and match it up with the fleece piece with the correct sides dealing with one another. Draw a protracted oval, and sew on that line. Then minimize the material inside that oval from one finish to the opposite. Then flip inside out and high sew the opening. This would be the opening for the ferrets to enter the sleep sack. Fold the tail in half, sew, flip proper facet out and stuff with the quilter’s batting.

(Click picture to enlarge.) 

Take the ferret’s predominant physique piece you simply labored on and connect the arms, legs, head and tail. Stitch them on as seen in photograph.

(Click picture to enlarge.) 

Take the again predominant physique items — each the fleece and the flannel — and pin it to the entrance piece ensuring the arms, legs, tail and head are inside. Stitch fully all the way in which round. Turn inside out by pulling all the things out by way of the little crawl-hole on the stomach.  

(Click picture to enlarge.) 

Stitch the ears to the arms utilizing a thread and needle. This holds the top up and permits extra play room for the ferrets. Sew a 2 inch piece of Velcro on the ferret’s paw and arm as seen in photograph. If you’ll grasp the ferret hammock on a PVC body, make sure you have sufficient room for the paw to wrap across the pipe and join. 

(Click picture to enlarge.) 

Congratulations! Your ferret hammock is now prepared to hold contained in the cage or on a PVC body. Ferrets can play or sleep on high or make the nice discovery of discovering a secret sleep space. This final photograph reveals three ferrets sleeping inside what seems like a pregnant ferret. You and your ferrets could have a blast with this new hammock.

(Click picture to enlarge.) 

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