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Lonely Chinchilla – Petcha

Q: I’ve three younger, male chinchillas. Two of them are brothers, about 17 months outdated, that share a cage. The third chinchilla is about 10 months outdated and has his personal cage. I’m involved about my youngest chinchilla, as a result of he at all times appears to be upset. I don’t know if he perhaps feels separated from the opposite two, as a result of I at all times see him simply watching them. He isn’t concerned about a lot apart from spending time with the opposite two chinchillas; not even a raisin can distract him lengthy sufficient for him to complete it. I do know that chinchillas are social creatures, however I’ve heard warnings about permitting male chinchilla to share a cage in the event that they aren’t from the identical litter. However, I’m frightened that my youngest chinchilla doesn’t have a cagemate when he has the opposite two chinchillas to observe and be taught from. I attempt to permit them a minimum of an hour to all play collectively a day, however I’m not in a position to give them far more due to my work schedule. Do you suppose that this may very well be a problem? Or do you suppose that there could also be one thing else happening?

A: Your youthful chinchilla could also be lonely and need to be with the opposite two chinchillas. If the opposite two chinchillas reply to him favorably throughout playtime, you would possibly strive putting the cage of the chinchilla pair on the ground with the door open. See if all three chinchillas go contained in the cage and watch the responses of all three. If they proceed to play and cuddle up collectively with none aggressive conduct, you would possibly strive them collectively within the cage to see if they may get alongside.

You might want to monitor the threesome for no less than 24 hours (particularly via the night time when chinchillas are most lively) to make sure your younger male is just not picked on or attacked. At the primary signal of aggressive conduct, separate them instantly. An aggressive assault by one chinchilla may end up in extreme damage and even dying to the opposite.

A chinchilla pairing or grouping that has been working nicely for weeks or months can all of a sudden reverse, so continued monitoring is necessary. Separate them in the event you see any indicators of aggressive conduct (i.e. pulled fur, extreme chasing or a confused chinchilla inside the group). It is just not well worth the threat to go away them caged collectively.
Typically, male chinchillas don’t have a excessive fee of success being caged collectively lengthy-time period. Siblings can have the identical testosterone points as nonrelated chinchillas. Any two males might combat if there’s a feminine chinchilla in the identical room.

We have had many pairs of unrelated younger male chinchillas that have been paired after being weaned and have remained as cagemates all through their lives. It is often the character of the male chinchillas and a scarcity of feminine chinchillas within the neighborhood that determines whether or not or not the males will get alongside. Male chinchillas with extra mellow/docile/submissive personalities are likely to co-behavior higher than these with extra hyper/assertive/aggressive personalities. On uncommon events a extra assertive chinchilla might co-behavior nicely with a extra submissive cagemate.
When we try to “group” chinchillas, we start by utilizing a clear, impartial cage to reduce territorial points. We place new hideaway homes within the cage so the chinchillas can isolate themselves if desired. We are at all times happy when pairings are profitable, however we understand ongoing monitoring will at all times be obligatory.

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