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Letter From The Dog | Victoria Stilwell Positively

From The Dog…

Dear Human,

Let me begin off by saying that I really like you. I actually do. You feed and handle me, play and take me for walks after which on the finish of the day, you let me sleep in your mattress – or not less than in a beautiful mattress someplace in your house. You’re type and maintain me secure, and for that I’ll all the time be grateful. But there are some issues I would like you to know, and though you don’t do all of this stuff, many people do and I believe it’s time we speak about it typically. And I’m talking for many canine after I write this.

Since when does “just a minute” solely apply to people? We canine say it too, besides after we do, you people get offended. You allow us to off the rope factor to go run round and play, and you then ask us to return again on the most inconvenient of occasions – simply after we are having the perfect enjoyable taking part in with different canine or chasing small fluffies. When we don’t reply, you get mad and inform us how dangerous we’re, however apparently you don’t perceive that after we hear our identify, look again at you after which proceed with our recreation, we’re additionally saying “just a minute”.  By the best way… how lengthy is a minute?

You people have actually excessive expectations of us canine that you just don’t comply with yourselves! You anticipate us to say hi there and be good to everybody. Really, EVERYONE – even when they’re people or different animals we don’t know. We stroll alongside the road and you retain telling us to go, “say hello” and that’s effective generally. But at different occasions I don’t need to say hi there to that particular person or canine that’s making faces at me. Then after I inform them to go away by exhibiting them my mad face, you get aggravated and embarrassed and inform me off for being unfriendly.  You don’t say hi there to everybody you cross on the road and I do know you cross the street generally when there’s somebody that makes you uncomfortable, so please don’t anticipate me to be pleasant to everybody I meet both.

I like meals – I actually do. Yes, I do know there are some canine which are weirdly not as meals obsessed as most of us canine are, however most of us love meals.  We give it some thought aaaaaallllllll the time! So we eat this factor known as kibble – which is okay and generally tasty, however we just like the actually good things – and meaning the meals you eat. Yes, I perceive that you would be able to’t feed us from the desk (although I really like that and FYI generally dad does that when your again is turned) however you possibly can, occasionally, add a few of your meals into our bowls or, higher nonetheless, put it into toys that we will then chew on to get it out. It’s enjoyable and nice for one thing you name “mental stimulation” and it tires us out and makes us really feel actually good. Please don’t take heed to the folks that say you need to by no means feed your canine “human food.” It’s all human meals, besides ready in numerous methods, and a little bit of your good and secure stuff is way appreciated, apart from avocados, raisins, onions and chocolate, which aren’t good. Just learn what these individuals in white coats that stick us with sharp issues have written.

And by the best way, don’t take heed to these folks that say meals is bribery! It’s not. It does all type of fabulous issues in our brains that makes us really feel sooooo good and helps us study actually simply. Toys try this for canine that love toys too, so each are actually highly effective. Yes, we do love you and we’ll do issues as a result of we love and ‘respect’ you. (We don’t know what that phrase ‘respect’ means, however apparently you want canine to be respectful, so we’ll attempt to be it) however we love rewards and we’ll work actually laborious for them.

And right here’s one other extra delicate matter which may upset you, however do you need to hug us on a regular basis? I imply generally I prefer it while you hug me however when that baby comes over to hug me, it’s terrible. I give all the precise again off alerts: turning my head away, averting my eyes, leaning my physique away, however they don’t cease. Hugging means various things in canine language. We solely put our entrance legs round one thing after we are about to struggle or do different stuff, and I’m positive if individuals knew that, they’d cease hugging us actually shortly, significantly once they don’t know us.

When you are taking us to canine parks – please regulate us as a result of it’s actually awkward while you’re speaking to your mates and we’re attempting actually laborious to cease that one canine from bullying us.  We’re operating round attempting to get away and while you do look, you assume we’re having enjoyable. Most of the time we’re having enjoyable, however in case you regulate us extra frequently, it is possible for you to to inform the distinction.

And final, however on no account least, WE DO NOT WANT TO DOMINATE YOU! There are some people that label all the pieces we do as “dominant” and it’s getting ridiculous. If we stroll forward of you on the leash, we’re advised we need to be pack chief. If we exit of the door forward of you, we’re advised we need to be ‘top dog’. We don’t in any respect! We stroll forward of you as a result of we’ve got 4 legs and you’ve got two and our tempo is of course quicker!  You are soooooo sluggish.  We’re excited to be exterior and we pull to get to the place we need to go and that’s it. There is not any preconceived plan to dominate you. If we soar up, sleep on the couch or the mattress, it’s okay too. We simply need to be snug, to be near you, to be secure and safe.

We don’t need to obtain greater rank over you even after we misbehave, however the hassle is after we do controlling conduct like present our enamel while you come near our meals bowl or take a toy away, it’s not as a result of we need to be of upper rank, it’s as a result of we haven’t been taught what to do in that scenario and so do what we canine do, which isn’t all the time acceptable to people.  So take the time to show us what to do and cease prodding us together with your fingers, making foolish sissing noises (arms that inform us off after which stroke us will be very complicated – we all know it’s your hand and never a snake or a ‘mother dog’ telling us off, so let’s put that foolish notion to mattress proper now), however in case you use your hand to inform us off rather a lot, don’t blame us if we attempt to chunk it at a time when you’re solely eager to stroke us.

And what’s with the kicking us together with your toes? It’s not nudging, it’s kicking and we don’t prefer it. It makes us lose belief in you, makes us insecure after which we generally have to make use of our enamel on you, which we don’t need to do. You then blame us for being extra dominant and get much more bodily with us and the entire thing leads down a nasty path, so simply cease, okay? There are different methods to inform us no.

Oh yeah – collars are okay, harnesses are higher, however lay off the prong collars and shock collars. We canine don’t swear however xxxx. Listen to yourselves while you say “oh it doesn’t hurt when used properly.” Who are you attempting to child? You’re not the one carrying it! It works as a result of it IS painful and uncomfortable. If you simply took the time to show us the right way to stroll on a leash in a great way, to show us what to do in numerous conditions so we didn’t make the flawed decisions, you’ll by no means use these horrible units.

I do know altering your conduct is perhaps tough for you, however you are able to do it, simply as you anticipate us to do it generally. Don’t get defensive, simply pay attention.  And guess what, being type to us makes us pay attention and love you extra! Makes us reply to you shortly, so while you name us, we don’t say, “just a minute.” We run again to you instantly, as a result of being with you is the perfect factor ever. Being with you is enjoyable and secure and wonderful.

One very last thing.  I’m a big canine with an in depth ancestry. You name me a combination, or blended breed. You would possibly anticipate this to be written by a Collie, a German shepherd or a Jack Russell Terrier (they’re loopy), however I’m none of these (except you do a DNA check and discover out). I am simply a big canine with loads of vitality and a complete lot of wants. I’m telling you that kindness works on all canine, from Chihuahuas (why do they all the time tremble?) to Great Danes.  It doesn’t matter what breed we’re or breed mix, massive or small, working or home canine, we do higher if we’re all handled with kindness. We will love you all our days, as a result of our time with you on this earth is brief, and we need to benefit from it with the individuals and animals we love.

Thanks for listening,

The Dog.


Victoria Stilwell is a world-renowned canine coach greatest often known as the star of the internationally acclaimed TV sequence, It’s Me or the Dog. A bestselling writer, Stilwell steadily seems within the media as a pet knowledgeable and is well known and revered as a frontrunner within the area of animal conduct.


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