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Just In Time For Halloween, Kitten Finds Ghost To Play With

Someone’s taking part in Marco Polo within the afterlife.

Cats are attuned to their environment on a brilliant excessive degree. That tabby you see observing a wall? She is keyed in on one thing we people can’t even see. It usually seems to be slightly bizarre — scary, even. When we catch it, we’re certain our cats are mainly seeing ghosts.

A video, posted to YouTube by USA Today, seems to be like clear proof of cats experiencing paranormal exercise. In it, a kitten pounces and bounds throughout a mattress — provoked by nobody. Clearly this kitten was having an ethereal encounter.

Not that it looks like too unhealthy of a factor, from the cat’s perspective. If this kitty was battling any type of evil spirits, we’re certain they’ve been vanquished.

And if possibly this kitten was merely taking part in with a brand new ghost good friend, effectively, that’s good, too. You must get some advantages out of getting a sixth sense, and making besties is the most effective profit.

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