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It’s Not A Tumor: Guy Visits Vets Over Giant ‘Growths’ On Pet

It’s uncommon when a hamster reveals extra intelligence than a human. These little mammals can’t at all times determine how a wheel works (Guys — it turns round time and again, OK?). But it occurs.

Members of Chinese social media platform Weibo had been cracking up over a person’s misunderstanding over his hamster’s gonads, What’s On Weibo reviews. To him, hamster balls had been solely these clear orb issues that hamsters roll round in.

“A friend of mine got a new hamster and recently discovered that its balls were huge,” What’s On Weibo wrote, concerning the tweet from MIKICHANsugoi that had the platform ROFL. “Worried that it might be a tumor, he hurried to the veterinarian. The vet finally told him: ‘Don’t worry. He just has huge balls.’”

We’re glad a medical skilled might inform him of this key data. Also, an internet search might have. Also, 10th grade bio. But no matter it takes, we’re simply comfortable he received there.


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