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Introducing Hamsters To New Foods

Hamsters want a balanced weight-reduction plan to stay wholesome, so it’s vital to supply them with a wide range of meals. Accustom a hamster to several types of meals when it’s younger and almost certainly to just accept them.

When introducing a brand new meals, progressively add it to the hamster’s common meals over a interval of a number of days. This offers the hamster time to just accept the brand new meals whereas nonetheless gaining access to its regular weight-reduction plan and helps forestall potential abdomen upset.

Some hamsters eat out solely the meals they like, particularly in the event that they’re given a seed combine quite than pellets. To counteract this behavior, give solely a small quantity of meals at a time. Don’t add any extra till your hamster has eaten a lot of the meals it already has. Hamsters have a excessive metabolism, so some meals ought to at all times be accessible.

Be certain to restrict treats. A hamster that receives treats continuously will maintain out for these as an alternative of consuming its common meals.

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