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Inland Craft Products DFS-100 Reefkeeper Saw Review

Cutting corals into smaller items to breed them (fragging) has develop into a well-liked manner to offer corals on the market to hobbyists, and it additionally has the advantage of not eradicating any animals from the reefs. Two critical reef hobbyists who do numerous fragging examined the Inland Craft Products DFS-100 Reefkeeper Saw, a small thin-bladed band noticed particularly designed for fragging corals. The DFS-100 carried out exceptionally effectively.

Inland Frag Saw

The Claims
Inland Craft Products claims that the DFS-100 is the perfect instrument to make use of for fragging corals and that it’s an enchancment over its earlier mannequin.

The Tests
Since I don’t do any coral fragging myself, I turned to buddies at two native fish shops with massive marine departments and with individuals related to the shop who frag numerous corals. I gave one DFS-100 to Brett Varnum, proprietor (along with his sister Bethany Stockman) of Laconia Pet Center in Laconia, New Hampshire. Brett had Garrett Sheehan check the DFS-100 (Garrett, by the way in which, is knowledgeable tile man and has used nearly each band noticed on the market, not just for fragging however for chopping tiles). The different DFS-100 went to my buddy Steve Richmond, who owns Lovely Pets in Quincy, Massachusetts. Steve had Kevin Pratt (who frags corals each for the shop and for his personal enterprise) check the DFS-100. Both testers have been requested to make use of the DFS-100 to frag many various sorts of corals.

The Results
Both Garrett and Kevin stated that the DFS-100 was the perfect frag noticed that they had ever used, and so they have been each aware of different saws and the sooner mannequin of Inland Craft noticed. Garrett reported that he lower off 4 coral heads from a duncan coral that he had been rising, and with the band noticed, lower these 4 into 50 smaller items; in lower than an hour, the brand new frags had expanded and have been wanting like nothing had occurred to them. Garrett attributes his success to the truth that the DFS-100 makes a really exact lower and that it’s water-cooled effectively sufficient that not a lot warmth is transferred to the coral.

Kevin’s experiences with the DFS-100 have been equally good. He determined to frag one of many tougher corals, so he selected an Acanthastrea coral with about 20 polyps to check the DFS-100. Kevin selected this coral as a result of it responds effectively to being fragged, however you will need to lower the frag from the primary coral very exactly alongside the ridges that divide polyps from one another. In a short while, Kevin was capable of lower three frags off, every with three polyps, along with his cuts being precisely alongside the ridges. Both the primary coral and the brand new frags confirmed only a few in poor health results from using the DFS-100. This noticed makes such good cuts that there was no injury to the mom coral or the frags in any respect. Kevin additionally used the DFS-100 on different kinds of corals, with equally optimistic outcomes.

Both Garrett and Kevin (in addition to the store house owners, Brett Varnum of Laconia Pet and Steve Richmond of Lovely Pets) have been captivated with utilizing the Inland DFS-100 and wholeheartedly suggest it to any hobbyist or skilled fragger. The DFS-100 is straightforward to assemble, simple to make use of, and makes exact and clear cuts. The skinny blade is straightforward to regulate whereas getting used and provides wonderful outcomes. The base and different components of the noticed that get moist are product of plastic, so there is no such thing as a corrosion that would contaminate the frags. The water cooling is efficient, and little warmth is transferred to both the primary colony or to the frags. Based upon what the testers reported, I might suggest the Inland Craft Products DFS-100 frag noticed to anybody who’s in any respect critical about fragging corals.

Inland Craft Products
DFS-100 Reefkeeper Saw


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