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Husband Completely Freaks Out Over Wife’s New Pet Snake

This man doesn’t take care of the snake on his neck. At. All.

Some of us have a phobia of snakes… after which there’s this man, whose spouse simply introduced house a child ball python

In a YouTube video posted by “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” the spouse makes an attempt to introduce her husband to the brand new pet, and whereas it seems the person desires to beat his worry of snakes, it doesn’t precisely go very properly.

The video begins out seemingly harmless sufficient, with the spouse holding the snake in entrance of her husband, however then she goes to position the reptile on his neck.

“Wait wait wait, wait a minute! I gotta psyche myself,” the person screams out within the YouTube video.

The man then takes a deep breath, and after a number of extra makes an attempt, his spouse lastly locations the ball python round his neck. The look on his face is extra of bewilderment than worry, along with his nostrils flaring as he takes in the truth that the ball python (Python regius) — in all probability the preferred pet snake within the United States — is on his neck.

After only a few seconds the person desires it off once more.

“Get the snake, get her, come on now, get her!” the person screams as his spouse laughs at his uncomfortable place. “Get the snake. Get the snake!”

The man’s spouse ultimately removes the snake as he geese beneath and away from the ball python — most of which, by the best way, have a really calm demeanor. Not positive we will say the identical for the person.

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