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How To Treat Erratic Betta Fish Behavior

>Getting to know the pure behaviors of your betta (Betta splendens) is at all times a good suggestion, since it will likely be simpler so that you can establish any potential issues at an early stage. Treating particular well being issues earlier than they turn into full-blown is far simpler than attempting to deal with fish affected by superior levels of unwell well being.


Here are some frequent signs that aquarists ought to look out for to make sure that no matter issues their betta fish could also be experiencing will likely be addressed the soonest attainable time.

Betta splendens
Betta splendens. Photo by Gourami Watcher/Wikipedia

Abnormal swimming

Abnormal swimming patterns are normally the primary distinct indicators that there’s something unsuitable along with your fish. You could discover that your betta appears drunk, swims in circles, or drifts with the present. There are additionally people who could sink to the underside and are unable to boost itself, or could also be incapable of swimming towards the underside. A sick betta might also float and keep on the water’s floor. A fish affected by extreme well being issues could swim the other way up with its stomach going through towards the water floor.

Erratic swimming conduct could also be brought on by a number of components. These embody:


  • Parasites affecting the pores and skin and gills – ich, gill and pores and skin flukes, fish lice, and anchor worms
  • Infection of the swim bladder
  • Nervous system issues –fish usually exhibit circling and whirling patterns
  • Neurological injury – micro organism or parasites could infiltrate the mind and surrounding tissues, inflicting injury
  • Blindness or poor imaginative and prescient – related to cataracts or corneal injury, which can be hereditary or a results of dietary deficiency. Excess gasoline within the water or fluid retention could trigger exophthalmia (pop-eye). Parasites reminiscent of tapeworms or flukes could migrate into the attention
  • Hypoxia – related to oxygen-poor water, anemia, or gill illness
  • Nutrition – lack of fiber or different particular vitamins within the food regimen could end in poor motility of the intestines, thereby ensuing within the accumulation of air within the intestines, inflicting the fish to drift abnormally on the floor.
  • Poor water high quality – the buildup of waste by-products within the aquarium water could irritate your fish, and should reply by darting about uncomfortably.

Respiratory Problems

A betta could gasp and manifest labored respiration, indicators that will point out a well being drawback or poor aquarium upkeep. You could initially handle the issue by growing aeration and finishing up a succession of repeated water adjustments. If the issue doesn’t go manner, your fish could also be affected by a illness and may have rapid remedy.

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Although aggression is a typical conduct of male betta fish, there are situations when a fish all of a sudden turns into aggressive towards different fish when it’s sick. This conduct warrants shut commentary so as to decide the underlying trigger.

To efficiently eradicate particular causes of erratic conduct of betta fish, you might want to observe and get right down to the underlying trigger. Apart from medicines for explicit bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections, the present situations contained in the aquarium tank could also be an essential predisposing issue of the phenomenon.
Water testing ought to be undertaken first to rule out any abnormality related to water parameters, together with ammonia, nitrate, and pH.

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