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How to Increase Cat Life Expectancy

Every pet mother or father is aware of one common fact about residing with cats: You will most definitely outlive each single considered one of them. So, what cats dwell the longest? There’s no straight reply however correct vitamin, train, medical consideration and extra, all play a component in upping the cat lifespan. While most cats will dwell till the median age of 15 years, there are a lot of steps to take to enhance the cat life expectancy.

Make positive your cat feels fulfilled

An older gray cat asleep on a couch.

An older grey cat asleep on a sofa. Photography by bbbrrn/Thinkstock.

“Minimize stress whenever you can,” says Dr. Andrew Kaplan, DVM, founding father of City Veterinary Care and The Toby Project (a spay/neuter program to scale back animal shelter deaths). He cites the Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicines’ indoor cat initiative as a fantastic useful resource.

“Cat caretakers need to consider that cats are not designed for confinement in our homes. Making simple changes such as getting another feline companion for your cat can make him much happier. They’re highly social and benefit from living with other cats.”

So, introducing one other cat to the house is a method to assist your cat dwell a extra fulfilled, and subsequently, longer life — together with including loads of enrichment to your cat’s atmosphere.

Monitor your cat’s well being with common vet visits  

Another means to assist guarantee an extended life is to monitor your cat’s well being. Dr. Kaplan recommends boosting common cat examinations from yearly to each six months beginning at 10 years previous.

Dr. Laura Andersen, shelter veterinarian at Nebraska Humane Society, echoes this recommendation. “I’ve known two cats who lived beyond 23 years old. They both received regular veterinary care — this helps identify any medical issues early so they can be treated or managed.”

Proper vitamin can enhance cat life expectancy

A analysis paper printed by the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery indicated that mounted, crossbreed cats with decrease physique weights are related to longer lives. “We must remember that each cat is an individual, and aging includes a multitude of factors: breed, genetics and environment,” Dr. Andersen says. “However, weight-reduction plan is essential.

A examine finished on the Effect of Nutritional Interventions on Longevity of Senior Cats decided that cats given antioxidants, vitamin E, beta-Carotene, dried chicory root and a mix of n-Three and n-6 fatty acids added considerably to the lifespan of the cats than these cats fed a managed weight-reduction plan.”

And whereas weight-reduction plan is vital, how a lot and the way usually your cat eats can be key. Slimming your cat down whereas super-sizing important vitamin will assist pack on the years!

Simply paying shut consideration to your cat can positively have an effect on the cat lifespan

Although genetics might play a consider residing longer, “nothing replaces TLC,” in accordance to Megan Snyder of Good Old Tails Senior Animal Rescue. The group’s oldest cat, Stubby, is a candy senior home short-haired cat with a nubby tail. While he isn’t at the moment on a particular weight-reduction plan, he will get moist meals to maintain his urinary system working easily. It’s the upkeep and a focus to element that retains the rescued kitties in tiptop form.

“The most important thing to keep your senior cat healthy is to pay attention to him,” Snyder says. She urges cat dad and mom to search for adjustments in habits, stool/urine, coat situation and weight. “You have to know your cat well and catch the changes before it’s too late. Every cat is different, so saying ‘feed them premium food’ isn’t necessarily right for every cat.”

Are sure cat breeds identified for longer lifespans?

Among the cat breeds touted for longevity, the three that come out on high are the Domestic Shorthair, Siamese and Russian Blue.

One senior cat’s success story

Scruffy, a 17-year-old striped grey magnificence, lives along with his particular person, Brandon Kirk Newsom, and a feline sibling named Sophie. Newsom adopted the Maine Coon as a kitten. Their life collectively illustrates what correct cat care means to a contented and wholesome life. Scruffy is a cool, calm and assured 13 kilos of fluffy enjoyable. Newsom sees Scruffy’s pure resiliency as a fantastic boon to his longevity, together with Scruffy’s love of Sophie.

“Scruffy’s time is filled with grooming and snuggling with Sophie.” While he could also be older, his days are stuffed with love and the actions he craves. “Scruffy loves to go on walks,” Newsom says. “Being an older cat has not changed him that much from when he was a kitten. He’s still very healthy and vivacious.”

Keeping your cat residing longer and being more healthy is a multi-faceted technique that features weight-reduction plan and dietary supplements, correct medical consideration and an enriched atmosphere. The years go by so quick, and you’ll add many extra of them in case you take time to deal with your cat’s bodily, emotional and psychological well-being.

Tell us: How previous was the oldest cat you knew? What steps have you ever taken to enhance your cat’s life expectancy?

Thumbnail: Photography by krblokhin/Thinkstock.

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