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Happy Tail: Hitchcock has a new story

When 12-year-old Fonzie saunters into the room, you could be fairly positive that Hitchcock isn’t far behind. The two cats have bonded like brothers, and Hitch likes to maintain up.

Handsome aptly describes Hitch.

Handsome aptly describes Hitch.

Fonz had misplaced his greatest pal, 18-year-old Sneakers, a number of years in the past. “Fonz seemed to really miss having the companionship of another cat these past few years, so earlier this past year, I finally decided that I was ready to open my heart and home to a new cat,” says Erin Levin of Linwood, New Jersey. “I’d been searching for a kitten, but one day decided to expand my search to include adult cats. I came across the most handsome 2-year-old grey tuxedo Maine Coon mix. He looked just like a combination of Fonzie and Sneakers.” He was listed on Petfinder by P.A.L.S., primarily based in Broomall, Pennsylvania.

She drove an hour to his foster house in Philadelphia to select him up. “He came over to me right away, purring. It was love at first sight.” She named him after Alfred Hitchcock due to his distinguished profile, and inside a week Hitch and Fonzie had change into quick buddies.

His fosterer had informed her that Hitch was a very vocal cat, however she had but to listen to a lot of a peep out of him, besides a growl when he first met Fonzie. About the identical time that he and Fonz turned greatest buddies, she heard a loopy croaking sound coming from the kitchen one night time. She went to research. It was Hitch. That first meow that seemed like a croak appears to have been one other sign that he had settled into his new house. It’s a distinction all his personal, and individuals who hear him assume he sounds a little like a frog.

“Recently Fonz had an unfortunate bout of illness that has taken him a few weeks to recover from,” Erin says. “Hitch is such a great cat that he sort of settled back a bit so that Fonz could heal, but he has continued to remain close to wherever Fonzie is in the house, as if he is watching over him. Sometimes he even cleans Fonzie’s face.”

Hitchcock, previously homeless, has a new story: Life with Fonzie.

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